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Juan M 11-20-2007 01:56 PM

Username Change Guidelines
From the Administration:

If you wish to request a username change, it will only be considered if:
  1. Your username consists of the number of children you have and you just had a change in that number. ex. dadof3kids --> dadof4kids
  2. You want your username to be the same as your business name ex. coolmom --> bluediaperstore
  3. Your username is your email address, for privacy reasons (must be the complete email, not just the prefix - i.e. would be changed but examplename would not)
  4. You have some outstanding reason why you need it changed - considered on a case by case basis.

    *Keep in mind that your new username will come with a small line in your profile that says who you used to be.*

Please PM any Admin for username requests and allow a couple of days for the change to happen. Include your reason and your email address so that we can send you a response with your username change notification.

Thank you.

Juan M 06-23-2008 01:43 PM

Re: Username Change Guidelines
Please refer to these guidelines for clarification.

Juan M 05-28-2010 11:40 AM

Re: Username Change Guidelines
Bump for priority viewing. :)

~happy2Bamommy~ 06-02-2010 05:10 AM

Re: Username Change Guidelines
Made it a sticky so it doesn'r get lost in the shuffle.

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