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ashleynjacy 11-22-2007 10:21 AM

Sore boobs question
I have another question....
Well first off I have not had any spotting at all since friday. It was practically nothing anyway.
My boobs have been getting really sore and today they feel less sore. Is that a bad sign? :headscratch:

Tummy 11-22-2007 10:45 AM

Re: Sore boobs question
No spotting is always a good sign. I have had some seriously sore boobs this preg. Still nursing my 3 yr old too. Although I cannot express milk I noticed last week something that really freaked me out.

I had a "missed abortion" couple years ago... I remember when EVERYTHING stopped. Had no MS, boobs stopped growing and uterus was not getting bigger.

The other night my breasts felt as though they were deflating. I had not had MS in many days and really started to freak.
I asked the "Universe" to give me some sort of a sign that this baby was okay. (that entire week I was sick with nasty cold, could not eat or hold anything down, lost 4lbs).
Later that night, OMG, my body made up for the lack of MS.
Next day my breasts were full again... assuming it was dehydration, nursing, not feeling well in general, etc.

I hope you feel better.. best suggestion I can give is ask for a sign, it truly works.. regardless of what your choice higher~power is.

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