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Trishalynn 05-01-2006 03:53 PM

pain free labour?
lol I've never experienced this but have had people say that its possible! (meaning they don't take any drugs either, or epidural etc.) I'm a Christian and have heard people say they just pray the entire time and it doesn't hurt (ok well I've heard that from two people lol, the rest of us still have pain during childbirth). I'm trying my hardest this time to do it natural. Well as natural as I can be lol, my OB is still inducing me at least a few days early. But I'd really like to do it with out the epi, etc... (I usually say no to demerol as whats the point lol, it really never did anything my first pregnancy to take away pain) But my fear is that with being induced I always go strait into the really painful contractions with no building up to them, so I'm just worried I'll give in and take the epidural. Anyone have any secrets to doing it natural outside of the breathing and music, they didn't work for me lol. Thanks!

Lucky Child 05-01-2006 04:04 PM

Re: pain free labour?
I've never heard anyone say that they prayed through labor and it didn't hurt and really I don't believe that lol. I mean I'm a Christian too... pain during labor is part of the curse... there's no escaping it except through an epi in my opinion lOL Good luck though! I'll be watching to see what everyone says...

Luv2bemommy 05-01-2006 04:39 PM

Re: pain free labour?
Well I kinda don't beleive in the painless labor.. I mean how can that NOT hurt? :giggle:

I have had 3 kids, all overdue and had to be induced and I managed not to get an epidural with any of them. My first birth was the worst, I had actually signed the epidural form but thankfully my labor sped up and I was fully dialated before I had the chance to get the epidural.. I never asked for one with my other 2 births.. For me it was alot of relaxation before birth, I read tons of books while I was pregnant and "natural childbirth the bradley way" helped a bunch! I had dh to remind me to relax my face, leg, etc when I would become tense and that helped alot.. Also With #2 and #3 I was able to move around once I got the internal monitor.. I didnt really want one cause its an intervention but I rather have it so I could MOVE! With #3 I did most all my laboring on the birthing ball.. It was awesome since back labor sucks, its great to move around and change positions! When I was being induced I believe mine did kinda gradually build up, they didnt start off like OMG WOW I cant do this? Maybe talk to the one thats doing the induction and ask to start slow then work up to the full contractions.. I had a midwife with all 3 of mine so maybe thats how I got so lucky.. But honestly relaxing, changing positions and slow deep breathing is the key (I believe) to a natural (pain med free) birth..

ETA: Do alot of reading too, I know alot of times its fear that makes the pain more intense too.. The not knowing what to expect kinda thing.. So learn all you can and maybe that could help you too!


wbkt8 05-01-2006 04:47 PM

Re: pain free labour?
i have heard that claim esp. related to things like hypnobirthing, etc. i personally think a lot of it has to do with what you define as "pain". for instance - i would not claim that i had a pain-free labor, but 95% of it was extremely manageable to me. and i don't remember pushing being "painful" per se - just hard work. kwim. i think being relaxed helped me a lot - i wasn't making the physical sensations of labor worse by fighting them, ya' know.

but i think child birth is such a personal experience and everyone's body & mind react to it differently. i found that i really turned inward a lot during labor and it was a very quiet/internally focused time for me. dh & i didn't talk a whole lot, etc. i did make more noise during transition but felt like a lot of it was really in my head.

i don't have too many concrete suggestions since breathing really helped me - but my labor was also pretty slow and i think that helped me handle it too - it didn't get out of control feeling/overwhelming really because it was so gradual.

Luv2bemommy 05-01-2006 05:01 PM

Re: pain free labour?
ITA Katie.. Pushing for me was the easiest part of labor, it was relief to push and get the baby out!! I have read for some mothers, pushing was the hardest and most painful.. So it is alot on how that woman tolerates the pain.

zonapellucida 05-01-2006 05:27 PM

Re: pain free labour?
UMM don't get induced is my suggestion. Pitocin contrx are worse than allowing your own oxytocin to do the job, IMO. My last two homebriths weren't pain free but I was able to work through the pain.

SheilaJoy 05-01-2006 07:24 PM

Re: pain free labour?
I prayed through my births and it didn't help at all! However, i did end up with five healthy kids, so that's something to be thankful for!
The only ones who have pain free births are the hypnobirth ones (which you might have issues with as a Christian), and the women who don't even acknowledge they're pregnant in the first place. :mrgreen:

Carrie 05-02-2006 10:15 AM

Re: pain free labour?
My sister-in-law claims to have had a pain-free and no pushing birth with her second using hypnobirthing. Not that I don't believe her, I just wasn't there and I'm not her, KWIM? I pretty much knew I was going to be induced and have an epidural (issues with a shared placenta and possible need for a breech delivery of 1 twin), so I never really looked into it. She is a Christian...I'm sure she prayed a lot during the process too!

jelynn 05-02-2006 11:03 AM

Re: pain free labour?
I feel like I had pretty close to pain free labors...I mean, I managed drug free and pushing was easy. The key for me was as close to total relaxation as possible. I spent most of the time in the shower on a birth ball- or standing and just have to find what works for you to work *with* the pain instead of against it. I think pain comes when we are fighting against what our body is trying to do. Also being really conscious of relaxing my pelvic floor during cxs too.
I never checked into hypnobirthing, but maybe my own technique is similar. I wouldn't say I was in a trance or anything...just tried to stay very very relaxed.


bfoster2000 05-02-2006 11:29 AM

Re: pain free labour?
I think every woman's experience is different and a lot of it is psychological: what are your expectations? What are your past experiences? Things like that. Our society trains women from a very young age that childbirth is a horrible excruciating experience and can't be done without medical intervention. That just is not true. Yes, there can be complications and I'm glad we live in a time and place where medical interventions (including pain meds) are available when they are needed, but I also believe that the majority of women *could* deliver naturally and without medical "help" if given the chance and the support. I tried to go into my first birth (and this one) with a completely open mind. I told my dh and my OB that I did not want to be offered drugs or pressured to take drugs, but if I asked for them, I did not want anyone trying to "encourage" me or talk me out of it either. I had done the research on what options were available and the pros and cons of each and I would make an educated decision when the time came. I didn't anticipate that I would need drugs but if I did, it was to be my decision 100%. Things didn't work out that way, but that's life.

My first birth was not what I would consider "pain free", but it was also not what I had been taught to expect from labor. When my water broke, I went to the hospital and told them there was no way I was in labor because I felt fine. At that point, I was totally pain free. In between talking with the nurses, I was talking on the phone with my boss about what needed to be done at work to cover for me and chatting with one of my cousins about Harry Potter movies. I was 3 cm dilated and according to the monitors having "good" productive contractions 2 minutes apart lasting 90 seconds each. I felt nothing except a strange pressure like I was a little constipated. I kept going to the bathroom and trying to push but nothing would come! Even up to an hour before my son was born, I was more than 6 cm dilated, having strong, regular contractions, etc. but I only felt like I had mild menstrual cramps or constipation...I tried to convince my husband to go back to work an hour before the baby was born because "there's no way I'm really in labor...they have to be wrong...I feel fine!"

At that point (about 45 minutes before he was born) my OB insisted on giving me pitocin to "speed things up" because I was almost 6 weeks early and my water had broken (and I'm sure the fact that it was Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend had NOTHING to do with it! GRRRrr!) I was on the phone when they started the pitocin drip and within just a minute, I dropped the phone and it was like my whole body siezed up...I couldn't move or breathe or talk. My dh told them to give me something for the pain so they gave me Stadol and told him that it would have no effect on the baby because it would be out of my system long before the baby was born. About half an hour later, I told the nurse that I needed to go to the bathroom. She wanted to check me first and totally freaked out that the baby's head was already crowning. I thought I was having a massive poop. The OB ran in just in time to catch only took two pushes. He was 6-2 and 19.5 inches long so not really small considering how early he was. My water had broken a little before 8 a.m. and he was born at 1:15 p.m.

I won't say that the labor was pain-free, but I'm very grateful that my water broke when and how it did to clue me in because had that not happened, my son would have been born either on the side of the road on the way to the hospital or worse, in a toilet at work. My "labor pain" was far less than many periods and (TMI) less than some of the constipation I've experienced during pregnancy.

I know that I was very lucky with my first labor experience and I'm not counting on this one being the same...heck, I'm in more pain now at 28 weeks than I was during labor with DJ...but I am keeping an open mind and trusting that this is a very natural thing and my body is equipped to handle it. I am going to great pains to ensure that my caregivers will not intervene unnecessarily this time. Both the OB who insisted on giving me pitocin last time and the midwife I'm seeing this time have said that the only thing the pitocin did for me was to complicate things and make the pain worse. That baby was coming with or without drugs but pitocin contractions are far more intense than natural contractions. I believe with all my heart that if they had not given me the pitocin, I would have still been walking around talking, laughing, and joking right up through the pushing. Not pain free, but definitely not miserable.

All I can tell you is to try to keep an open mind and trust in yourself. (And don't let them induce you without a VERY good reason!) If you go in full of fear and anxiety and thinking that the people who say this isn't painful are crazy, then that's the experience you're going to have. If you go into it knowing that this is what your body was designed for, God knew what he was doing when He built you this way, and millions of women have been doing this for thousands of years, then you are far more likely (IMO) to have a positive experience. Know that assistance is available if you need it, but give yourself a chance and you may be surprised to find out that you don't need it after all. And keep in mind that one intervention leads to another in a massive snowball effect. If you want to let your body do what it was designed to do naturally, then you have to be willing to "step back" and trust a little...

Good luck!

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