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amandaleigh37 08-05-2006 10:01 PM

how long in each size?
My baby's on the way and I know this will vary depending on each child, but how long did your kiddo wear each size? I know it will depend on the kind of diaper too, but I am just curious. I am stocking up on NB and Small sizes (mostly prefolds/fitteds and covers, and a couple pockets to try), but I want to have an idea of how long before I will need to think about buying Mediums.

Sorry if this is a dumb question =P

Momofboys 08-05-2006 10:53 PM

Re: how long in each size?
Not a dumb question at all! My ds stayed in smalls until about 3-4 months old and then switched to mediums where he still is at 11 months and will be there for awhile. Of course it does depend on the dipe....for example, I expect him to never get out of medium FB as he is still on the smallest settings, but he is in a large Magicall. I think mediums last a long while as I briefly CD'd my ds#2 last year at age 2.5 and he also wore a lot of mediums!

myajdw 08-06-2006 01:59 AM

Re: how long in each size?
hmmmm i like this thread as i've been wondering the same thing....looks as if i may have to get mediums sooner than expected. so once they're in a medium, would they be in a premium size pf or still an infant?

myajdw 08-06-2006 11:23 AM

Re: how long in each size?
just wanted to bump this b/c i think it's a great ? and i put in one of my own too! i think lots of mama's new to cloth probably have this same question!!!!!

trashley 08-06-2006 11:27 AM

Re: how long in each size?
DD's a peanut and at almost 4 months she's still mostly on the tighest snaps on her small FB's :blush: I have a feeling she'll be in them for quite some time still :laugh:

Nikel1979 08-06-2006 11:31 AM

Re: how long in each size?
It really totally depends on the child. My ds was 7 lb 5 oz at birth. We started using cloth when he was around 9 months, and he went straight into larges. My dd was 6 lb 13 oz at birth. She wore smalls until around 14 months. She's 19 months now, and still has plenty of room in mediums.

redheadedangels 08-06-2006 11:45 AM

Re: how long in each size?
i wouldn't buy anything bigger than medium ~ seems like alot of kids never make it to large before PLing. My dd included ~ she can wear petite FBs but everything else is still med...

mama23boys 08-06-2006 12:40 PM

Re: how long in each size?
when ds was 1.5month we started in small FB's and wonderroos (one size that i used for night time) at 3-4months he went up to a medium and at 7months he's still there. i dont really see him getting into a large anytime soon. altough i did get 6 toddler PFs from the co-op just to see how much bigger they were!

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