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Gavin&Brent'sMommy 08-06-2006 04:45 PM

"My kids bore me to death..."
what do you think about this article? :yuck: click

JustAugust 08-06-2006 05:37 PM

Re: "My kids bore me to death..."
Really it just makes me feel sad for her two sweet boys. No being a mother isn't fun ALL the time. Yes, sometimes it can be downright boring. But that's far from what it is MOST of the time, imo. I can stare at my son for hours. He's absolutely stunning to me. It's like I'm watching a miracle in motion. I don't think every mom has to be as enamored with their child as I am with mine, but I'd hate to think of general society finding their children completely boring. Sheesh, how about teaching your kids something, taking them outside and showing them a flower for the first time, coloring with them, reading to them, taking them to the park, mall, zoo, or just hanging out at home snuggling and watching a movie.

I don know... everyone has a right to their own opinion, of course, but hers just really bothers me. I can't even begin to understand how someone could feel like that about their child. Besides, no one forced her to have kids. If you weren't enjoying the first baby, why have another? I guess in her boys case, at least they have each other to count on.

ETA: "They stopped asking me to take them to the park (how tedious) years ago. But now when I try to entertain them and say: 'Why don't we get out the Monopoly board?' they simply look at me woefully and sigh: 'Don't bother, Mum, you'll just get bored.'

How right they are."

That just breaks my heart.

Gavin&Brent'sMommy 08-06-2006 07:07 PM

Re: "My kids bore me to death..."
it's disgusting isn't it? :(

Bluemoon 08-06-2006 07:50 PM

Re: "My kids bore me to death..."
:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
I can't believe how some women view their children!!! there are no words for this kinda thing

ashleynjacy 08-06-2006 08:14 PM

Re: "My kids bore me to death..."
What cracks me up is that she acts like she is so much better than motherhood. Having my baby and doing everything I possibly can for her is the best thing I have ever done and will ever do. Why did this disgusting woman have children???????:banghead:

StormySar 08-06-2006 08:16 PM

Re: "My kids bore me to death..."
Honestly, I wonder if the article is really true. I can't possibly fathom how these moms could feel this way unless there is something psychologically wrong with them. i can understand not every woman is cut out to be a mother, but to think and say things such as what is in that article? I really have to wonder if it's true. i have so much I COULD say, but I just don't want to put the effort into it, it just doens't sound true! And if it is, I feel so sad for those children!

*~Mindy~* 08-06-2006 08:36 PM

Re: "My kids bore me to death..."
i dont get how you can say that or feel that, like i know a couple people who, as little babies, they stick them in the swings or carseat or something and pay NO attention to them, and then are telling me its "good for them" to sit and play alone, and good for them to cry becauser of their feelings being hurt (err, they have no feelings, theyre just mad causee theyre being ignored and will shut up once they figure out theyre perfectly fine) and that theyre not bfing because they dont want some kid hanging off them all the time, and they will schedule a csection for the next kid if they can have another because they never wanted anything coming out of their **** anyway, theres no way theyre sharing a bed with or wearing their chld (though i was told they did both of those things a few months ago..:confused: ) because they done carried them and slept with them 9 months, they dont have to do it aymore and arent going to, etc...and these same people saying they want more children because they just love babies. WTF??

:sigh: WHY do you want kids if you dont want anything to do with them??

and the article, about texting her friends during pirates...she makes it sound like she went to see the wiggles or something, its not a freakin kiddie movie, its for adults, so why act like THATS a boring kiddie movie??wth??
that part really confused me lol!

but i feel so bad for the kids, its like theyre just..there. :cry:

Gavin&Brent'sMommy 08-06-2006 08:54 PM

Re: "My kids bore me to death..."
I know, I posted a comment, dunno if they will add it or not but I said she should put the kids up for adoption so they can be LOVED! it's SO sad! :( someone on another board ticked me off they said that people who live for their kids are parent bots and they ARE boring themselves and don't do anything else, uhm wtf is wrong with you??? I live for my kids but I still go to school, have a great marriage, hang out with friends yada yada... UGH

Kimmomy2dom 08-06-2006 08:56 PM

Re: "My kids bore me to death..."
That makes me feel bad, too. I wouldn't even say that being a mother or a SAHM is boring - I feel like I'm going insane sometimes, but I NEVER find it boring.
I'm not sure that I can say much else, I just feel so bad for her children. I think if one of my parents had acted that way when I wanted to do something or have them take me somewhere I would have felt unloved.

jennyofthemoon 08-07-2006 03:48 AM

Re: "My kids bore me to death..."
I know someone who really feels like this. It's SO sad, especially irl. One day we weretalking about homeschooling, and she said she has no idea how we can even stomach the idea. She views school asfree daycare anddreads summer vaca :( I don't understand why people who genuinely don't like being around htier kids have them--and she has 5! SO sad!

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