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amcess721 12-12-2007 06:40 PM

11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...
So my baby girl will be 11 weeks tomorrow...

Background info: Trouble latching for first month...pumped, used nipple shield. Finally latched at 4.5 weeks and have been doing GREAT since then...

Until this week...

Early in the week she started mashing my nipple (comes out pointed). She was only doing that in the evenings. I used lansinoh for a few evenings and it seems a lot better, although she still does it from time to time.

Last evening she showed me hunger cues (~5pm) so I tried to feed her...she went into full blown meltdown - arching her back and everything. I tried a few different times to feed her but each time she'd get really upset. I finally pumped off a half ounce and gave it to her in the bottle - then did a quick switcher-oo and popped my nipple in and she ate decently. Ate fine for the rest of the evening and overnight and all day today...

Until 5pm again this evening...same kind of thing... hunger cues - tried to feed... terrible crying! ... she calms with walking and is now content with her paci. I gave her a half ounce that I pumped off and tried the switcher-oo again tonight, but she didn't want it.

She has been nawing on her fists this past week trying to find her thumb - so maybe she's teething? But wouldn't that bother her more than just at 5pm? :headscratch: She's napping right now so I hope when she wakes up she'll eat good like she did late last night.

I've read a bit at kellymom about nursing strikes, but that looks like those involve refusing all feedings...

Anyone else have anything like this happen?

by the way...nothing in her environment has changed recently - I'm still on maternity leave...until Monday. I really hope this gets figured out before I go back next week :cry:

amcess721 12-12-2007 09:05 PM

Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...
Update: She last ate from me at 3:30pm. I gave her the 1/2 oz bottle I spoke of before...then she had nothing until 9... I finally gave her a 2 oz bottle and put her to bed... maybe when she wakes up she'll want me? ~fingers crossed~

ThatLinGirl 12-12-2007 09:44 PM

Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...
True nursing strikes involve an older baby, really... you're talking about feeding aversions at this point, and I've BTDT. :hugs:

Some possibilities:
1) overactive letdown? May be related to Hindmilk/foremilk, which would probably show as green frothy poop and an unhappy babe overall.
2) allergies (something in milk bothering her -- any green/mucousy poop or rashes beyond typical baby acne or anything?)
3) nipple confusion/preference -- very strong possibility since you mentioned both nipple shield and managing to switch her w/ the bottle?
4) reflux -- some reflux babies like to eat nonstop and some start refusing sometimes... my allergy kid was also a reflux baby. Reflux can be traditional (unhappy spitter) or silent where you can't see it is happening but the babe will be miserable and you may hear frequent wet hiccups, hate being put on their back, etc.
5) typical lower evening supply creating frustration. No real "problem" here, you just have to convince her to latch more in the evenings to up your supply to a point she's happy at. You might try darkness, music, rocking, nursing in the shower, nursing in a sling... :hugs:

saongiri 12-12-2007 09:50 PM

Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...
I would think teething especially with the whole mashing and looking for her hands- I would try teething tabs, a teething necklace and I probably---if it was me---avoid bottles as much as possible especially with your bumpy start

amcess721 12-13-2007 01:18 AM

Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...
Lindsay - thanks so much for your reply :)
1) and 2) - poops are normal. And it's only happening in the evening so far - wouldn't milk/food problems be an all the time thing?
3) At this point, I think her only nipple confusion would be from her pacifier. She hasn't seen a nipple shield in 7 weeks. And has only had maybe 3 bottles during that whole time. Just last week she started a love affair with her paci though...she has always had a strong need to suck and until last week was constantly sucking on my pinky finger to fall asleep or during her fussy times. Now she uses the paci for those times. She can go all day without needing it, but in the evening and to stay asleep she uses it.
4) I was wondering if it might be reflux...she spits up very rarely, but last evening when she was crying so hard, my hubby managed to get her calmed down and then she was making noises kinda like you described. ...again though, strange that it's only in the evening...
5) No problem with my supply - I make enough for triplets! She's been dealing with that amount since the beginning though so I know how to read her signs if she's getting too much too fast - she didn't get on enough to even do any of that. Just screamed as I even laid her on my lap and opened my shirt. I pumped at the end of the evening after she had refused all night and got just under 7 oz total.

Sarah - I'm thinking teething again... late last night I stuck my finger in her mouth and she was content to just leave it sitting on her gums. Not sucking. Not chewing. Just having it in her mouth. I'm not sure as sucking actually hurts her at this point though because she took the paci all night long...just wouldn't nurse. And she wasn't even upset all evening - a lot of it yes, but she still enjoyed her dipe changes, was able to take a few small catnaps, and was smiling when her daddy got home at 8:30. Very clingy, but not a basket case....just woulnd't nurse even though showing hunger signs.
I WISH I could refuse to give her any bottles...but I return to work full time on Monday :Cry: I just hope that doesn't make things even rougher.

...all that being said ... my top 3 thoughts are...

Teething. (Is it worse in the evenings?)
Nipple confusion.

Oh yeah - it's 2am. She slept from 10-1:45 and just took a normal night time feed with no problems.

amcess721 12-13-2007 11:53 AM

Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...
So she took a great feeding at 6am and then woke up at 7am... very happy and smiling but as soon as she was hungry at 8:30 I tried to feed her and BAM...right back to screaming, arching etc... :cry: I gave her a half ounce that I had pumped and was able to switch her on.

Then we napped together and she woke at 10:30 and did the same thing again...this time I only gave her a couple sucks on the bottle and switched her over.

She's napping again now so we'll see what she does when she wakes up.

I did call the LC and she suggested trying a dropper to start the feeding with, not the I have that all ready to try if we need it.

This is just tearing me apart... I really don't need her refusing "me" this close to me having to go back to work...
(I know she's not refusing me... it just feels that way)...

Psychomom 12-13-2007 12:08 PM

Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...
Okay, I just skimmed your post and the other replies very quickly...I only have a couple of minutes before company comes over but I wanted to pipe in that my 3rd child had a nursing strike at 3 months he was probably only a week or two older than your baby now. He did the exact same thing; showed signs of fussiness/hunger, but would arch his back and scream at the breast. He did this for 5 days!!!! I took him to the pedi once to make sure there wasn't an obvious underlying problem and the only thing the ped could say was that his throat was a little red and perhaps it was sore. I dunno, I thought breast milk could make it feel better, but the little booger refused to nurse. We tried a bottle with pumped milk, too, but he refused that also.

What did work was nursing him in a warm bath or when he was asleep. I would just sneak my nipple into his mouth when he was very drowsy (or stroke his cheek to get him to root when he was asleep) and he would take it then. So for those 5 days he basically only nursed at night. I was on the verge of taking him back to the doctor when he woke up one morning and decided to nurse like nothing had ever been wrong.

julieanne 12-13-2007 12:31 PM

Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...
Does your milk come out right away? I had problems with my youngest because you actually have to suck for a minute to get my milk started, and he didn't want to take the time to do that. I had to pump to start it and then he would nurse no problem. I don't remember how long that lasted, but I know it wasn't too long.
I sure hope you have better luck soon. I know how frustrating it can be. Here's a couple :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: for you!
Good luck!

saongiri 12-13-2007 12:41 PM

Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...
just saw your update- I would try to keep at it with nursing and try not to get really upset thinking this the start of a big problem--babies often have ups and downs even with nursing- I would just keep at it and maybe try treating for teething- I do think it is worse at night and actually when I've had dental issues (I had braces as an adult) they even hurt more at night- no idea why though. Don't give up-stick through it like you did in the beginnning- pm me if you would like to chat or need moral support.

amcess721 12-14-2007 08:10 AM

Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...
Thanks for all the support momma's!

I posted a new thread here that explains what I THINK was going on...

Everything seems to be back to normal this morning. She just nursed herself into a blissful morning nap :)

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