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Pam221 12-13-2007 09:52 PM

lactation consultant vs counselor
I'm really interested in becoming a IBCLC ( yes I know it takes time and plan to get my bachlors). I would like to do a course in the mean time to have something to say I know my stuff while I'm working on the actual college part . So I've looked online and found a few courses so I'd like to know if anyone else has taken them or heard of them .

certified lactation educator

certified Lactation counselor

Any suggestions would be awesome :)

Pam221 12-14-2007 07:24 PM

Re: lactation consultant vs counselor
Bump ...Anyone ?

ThatLinGirl 12-14-2007 07:39 PM

Re: lactation consultant vs counselor
Hm, the IBCLC is more than just time and a degree, unfortunately. There are service/health hours involved -- either mega mega volunteer (I think it is the equiv of 10 years as a LLL leader) or being a doctor or something of the like. Maybe nursing counts?

It is really too bad -- something I'd be very interested in as well.

I'd imagine one of those counselor type certifications would allow you to work in a lesser capacity, though, which isn't ideal but would be much much easier!

Pam221 12-15-2007 07:23 PM

Re: lactation consultant vs counselor
Yea depending on the degree you have already decides how many contact hours you have to do . Its alot of info to take in for sure . I really upsets me tho that the only people I can ever get to answer my questions try to make it sound like its a life long ammount of work , I mean I know its gonna take time , I'm not thinking I'm gonna be able to do it in a small period of time ( like 1 week like these small courses) But I know it can be done ina reasonable amt of time if you actually have the time . I feel like every time I ask online about it the people who are actualy IBCLCs' are really negitive about it and seem to discourage people by saying dont bother . Its kinda sad . I dont know if they are saying not to bother with becoming BC ( which is important to me ) or if they are saying dont bother in general . Its almost like a compitition thing and thats sad :(

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