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cakemaven 12-14-2007 01:02 PM

Is this a nursing strike?
I've breastfed 2 babies, the first for only 6 months (I had to return to work and was too young and stupid to know that I could demand breaks to pumps), and the second for 3 years. Now with DS#3, he is 7 weeks old today and the last few days, he's not nursing much.

I've gone through the checklist. I'm producing well, I've not changed my diet or soap or anything like that. No one in the house is sick. Yet suddenly, my little guy doesn't latch on well (he never latched great to begin with, but that's another story), pops off the breast frequently, and doesn't feed for very long. His diapers are plenty wet, though not CRAZY wet like they used to get. He's sleeping a lot too, but otherwise seems just fine.

There are no symptoms of illness whatsoever, but he's lost a half a pound. He's still 13.5 pounds (was 8.5 at birth) so he's not dangerously skinny or anything.

I am trying to pump at least once a day and I can tell my supply is already dropping due to his lack of nursing. Nonetheless, I can still get a lot (9 ounces) from just my left breast when I pump, so it's not like my milk is going away completely, but I used to get 12-14 ounces. Should I be concerned or could this just be the end of a growth spurt? I'm so frustrated...

kristenkan52 12-14-2007 01:13 PM

Re: Is this a nursing strike?
We just posted at the same time and our little guys are the same age. What you described sounds just like what my guy is doing! He is totally content with a pacifier but is refusing the breast. He's never happier when I lay him down but today it's all he wants! He also lost some weight... I have a balance scale and a couple of days ago he weighed 9lbs 10oz, and today (even after yesterday's insane feeding) he weight 9lbs 4oz! Could be a difference in empty bladder or something, but still...

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