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amcess721 12-16-2007 10:08 AM

Question about feeding frozen BM to babe...
So, my girl starts daycare tomorrow :cry:

BUT...I have questions about the frozen milk I have stashed away for her. I know that it's good for 24 hours once defrosted and that it should be defrosted either in the fridge or under water (Not left at room temp)...

but, once it's defrosted, can it be left at room temp for any length of time? Typically what we do with fresh/refrigerated milk if we're bottle feeding her is to pull out a bottle at the end of one feeding to give her at the next one...then it's already at room temp when she wants it and we don't have to wait to warm up milk from the fridge. Can I do that with previously frozen milk?

Say it defrosts overnight here at home... then when I get to daycare, can she leave one bottle out on the counter to warm until the next feeding? Or is that a no-no with previously frozen? I just don't know how well my girl will tolerate having to wait for something to warm up for her...

I've looked at all the charts but don't see anything about this particular issue... any one know?

tlaquepaque 12-16-2007 07:00 PM

Re: Question about feeding frozen BM to babe...
I think it depends on your milk. Some women's milk will stay fresher longer. It also depends on how long it was frozen and how long it was in the fridge before freezing.

I take a week's worth of frozen milk to my babysitter's house and put it in her freezer. She defrosts in warm water and leaves it out ready for the next feeding. I think most of time time DD drinks it within 1 hour but I know she has left it out for 3-4 hours without a problem.

How about you try it at home and see how well your milk holds up. Spoiled EBM will smell and taste like spoiled cow's milk. Then you will know what guidelines to give to your sitter's.

LunaBirch 12-16-2007 07:36 PM

Re: Question about feeding frozen BM to babe...
I agree with the PP.. I do leave previously frozen BM at room temp for several hours or more without any problem, but every woman's milk is different. I have also went 10 hours w/ refrigerated milk at room temp and then feeding to my LO's without any issue. But BM is highly subjective, kwim? Your best bet is to test it out so you know what holds true for your milk.

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