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sesa70 05-02-2006 09:32 AM

overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?
Ever since our baby dd came in the door, our cat has been in love with her! LOL!
For the first couple months I had to chase her out of the crib, she always wanted to be right next to her. Now she happily sleeps on the changing table next to the crib. If I put dd down for a nap and close the door to her room, the cat will scratch and meow until I let her in, then she happily takes her place watching over the baby :goodvibes:

When the baby wakes up she meows and comes to get me. I think its just really cute! Even when I change dd's diap on the changing table (with the cat on it) and dd is batting at and pulling on the cat (I dont of course encourage this behavior but at 5 months she has no concept of gentle yet) the cat just purrs and rubs into dd. I even saw dd whack the toy in the cats direction, drop the toy, and the cat actually pawed it back over to dd!

I must have just gotten lucky. Does anyone else have any sweet animal baby stories to share?

Korbins Mommy 05-02-2006 09:50 AM

Re: overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?
My DS was born when our puppy was 9 months old. I had been on bedrest and she laid right there with me everyday. She is a Dashwahwah (Mom is a Chiwahwah and Dad is a Dashund, looks like a Winnie dog with a tight collar on.) She would lay next to Korbin as he napped and even would take her nose and move the covers to cover him up. SO SWEET! I've got pictures of that b/c I knew no one would ever believe me on that. But I swear.

She also stands in front of him when anyone strange is around and growls at them. Like the pizza man comes to the door and our other dog runs up to the pizza man and starts attacking him for the food, Dashwahwah runs and stands in front of Korbin until he leaves.

2sweetboys 05-02-2006 10:10 AM

Re: overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?
I got Mia in July of '03 and Aedan was born in November '03 and even at that young of an age she is very motherly toward him (most of the time). Let's just say she is more of a baby lover than a toddler lover. Aedan never really cried until he was about 3 weeks old...he just kinda squeaked. Anytime he would start making any kind of noise or wiggle around Mia would start whining and trying to stand up on her hind legs to look in the bassinet. She did the same thing when Harley was born, but he wasted no time in crying....actually he came out crying!

Now that Aedan is 2.5 and Harley is 9 months old, Mia tries to stay out of the way a little. She will curl up on the couch with Aedan as long as he is nice to her. She is a Miniature Pinscher and only weighs 5 lbs, but she puts up with a lot of abuse from the boys until she decides she's had enough a goes to hide. They are usually pretty good with her though....I keep a close eye on them, she's my baby too ya know!

Carrie 05-02-2006 05:13 PM

Re: overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?
Our doggie has always been like a mother to our boys. It's hard to explain, but I could tell her maternal instincts were in full-force when they came home. Nothing cute like covering them up with blankets (she's not that smart, lol) but she does love them.

mom_of_3g_1b 05-02-2006 05:16 PM

Re: overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?
When I was a baby. Mom had a siamese and that was her kitty, it didn't really take to anyone else. Since I came home from the hospital the cat would sleep under my bed and get my mom if I so much as moved. Once I got older the cat would howl and hiss at anyone that came to the door.

My dad said that when the kitty would get tired of me chewing on him then he would put the cat in the playpen for a

jls~Kain~Drake 05-04-2006 05:33 AM

Re: overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?
My mom had the opposite situation with her dog..she had a poodle and when I was born, the dog ran away because it wasn't getting any attention at all. I was an early baby and had a lot of issues as a baby and I guess the dog couldn't handle it. Our poodle mutt is very motherly toward other animals...and she tolerates our boys really well...but she's not overly motherly toward them. She'll sit and let them tug on her quite a bit before getting up and leaving....and she won't allow nephew to mess with her. She runs and hides from him.

vick 05-04-2006 07:35 AM

Re: overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?
One of my cats, Willow, is really good about letting Isabel maul her. She'll stay close by so Isabel can crawl to her, and will sometimes even lie down and let Isabel "get" her. I don't think she's motherly toward her, just really indulgent. The other cats cut her a pretty wide berth most of the time, but I have seen Anya accept a few maulings, too. I have some great pics of Isabel with her kitties :)

havanadaydreamin 05-04-2006 10:05 AM

Re: overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?
My cat Kiwi tends to stay clear of Delaney. Delaney doesn't understand how to be gentle yet, so she likes to pull Kiwi's fur.

However, my dogs are pretty protective/indulgent of her.

My Oscar likes to sit in front of the bedroom door when I'm nursing her so that no one else can come in the room with us. He doesn't let Delaney crawl on him or anything though.

Boozer has always come running to her when she cries. He also lets her do pretty much anything to him, even down to me putting her on his back and he walks around while she is riding him! :laugh:

Plus, if she is in a bad mood, all she has to do is the see the dogs and she starts giggling!

here are some pics of us and the dogs!

BeedieWeedieB 05-05-2006 06:07 PM

Re: overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?
We got our crazy puppy, Lady a month after our oldest turned 1, she was the same age, so we celebrate their b-days together. From night one she slept under his crib, she always plays with him and only gets more'rough' as he does. When he wakes from his nap, she is the first one up the stairs and leaping over the gate in his doorway. With our second son we werent sure she would be as close but on Easter we went to my grandparents house, they have an older puppy and the two love to play. The day was great but near the end of our stay I had little david laying on my lap and their dog came near, I think probably to sniff me or the boy and Lady jumped in between us, barking and snarling, the other dog was part chow and of course fought back, she's bigger than my girl but Lady didnt back down till they were separated. I know it really wasnt warranted in this case from our point of view but nice to know she is so protective of both my boys.


Lovinmy2boys 05-07-2006 09:42 PM

Re: overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?
Boxer family here too! Bella LOVES Owen. We joke we don't need a baby monitor because if he is stirring, she whines and sits by the bedroom door until we check on him. We co-sleep too (dog included) and she scoots up little by little at night until she is right next to him, he usually rolls over and throws his arm over her so it looks like they are hugging! Too cute! I gotta get a picture of that. I think dogs (females esp) can have very motherly and nurturing instincts when it comes to babies.
ETA: Bella pic:

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