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titania 08-09-2006 08:17 PM

is there a way?
i am probably just not paying attn, but is there any way to go back to the original thread, or even the forum, after i send a pm? or post a reply? when i send pms i have to go back up to the top of the screen and click on the "buy, sell, trade" link, and then scroll back down to the pockets (or whatever) forum. adn if i post a reply to a thread, i end up looking at my new post, so then i have to scroll back up to the top and click on the forum title to get back. what's the secret? am i missing it?

Bare Bottom Gear 08-09-2006 09:09 PM

Re: is there a way?
No secret. This site just doesn't do it. MamaJo knows that there is interest so I'm sure she'll look into it.

MamaJo 08-09-2006 09:16 PM

Re: is there a way?
Hmm, not quite sure if I understand....but, at the bottom right below the posts, there is a Forum Jump drop down menu - that can help with quicker navigation.

Bare Bottom Gear 08-09-2006 10:05 PM

Re: is there a way?
She wants it like the old board. When we are done posting to a thread she'd like to have it go to the forum index or section where that post was located after she's done instead of right back to her post she just posted.

MamaJo 08-09-2006 10:23 PM

Re: is there a way?
Ahh, yeah, a lot of people have asked about that....I need to look into it. Its not standard on the far as I know.

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