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Lee 01-02-2008 08:25 AM

Site Supporter Program!
We have long looked at numerous suggestions from our members here at DS and continually saw that many of you were wanting:
  1. A way to support the site you love!
  2. A way to view less ads!
  3. A way to get more forum related perks (like more PM space)!

We have finally found a way to do this that makes sense. You all know that DS is a free community and we will NEVER charge you to be a member of this community. We strive to keep this place in tip top shape by offering the benefits of this community, fast page loads, and the support needed to make your stay an enjoyable one. All of these things cost a tremendous amount of resources. This is the very reason we have ads on the site to alleviate out of pocket expenses. For those mamas that wish to view less ads (how about only 1 ad per page and it is at the VERY BOTTOM!!!), you now have a way to do that! :lostit:

Not only will you just have the single ad at the bottom of the page, but you will have a TON of really cool perks to make your stay here even more enjoyable! :goodvibes:

Option 1 - Month to Month: $4.50 / month
Option 2 - 6 months: $21 which equates to $3.50 / month
Option 3 - 12 months: $30 which equates to $2.50 / month

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