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Crazy4Coffee 01-16-2008 08:07 AM

help my 4yr old sleep PLEASE!!
ok here's he thing is recently my 4yr old doesn't want to sleep and or isn't sleeping well at all.

Last night he was up at 1am and had gone to bed around 8. he said he didn't want to sleep anymore. I sat up with him for over an hour talking to him trying to figure out why he wasn't sleeping. From what i can gather he's now a light sleeper and everything wakes him up. :banghead: he used to be a good sound sleeper but not anymore.

any suggestions on NATURAL remedies to help him sleep.....

he already has a nightlight/lamp

tallanvor 01-16-2008 12:04 PM

Re: help my 4yr old sleep PLEASE!!
My oldest has issues more with going to sleep than staying asleep. With her it's due to her ADHD, but I've noticed that the type of sugar she's eaten that day and how much has an impact on how she sleeps. With my son, his sleep issues (when he has them) are tied to milk. Not a milk allergy, but an intolerance.

If you don't think it's either of those, maybe some soft music to help him sleep?

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