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mommyto2girls 01-16-2008 01:04 PM

why I do things
ok this is in NO way to BASH other moms so PLEASE don't take it that way!!

I have figured out this week why I do things the way I do with my girls...I'm no way perfect but ya....Oh and I figured this out by watching a little girl who is formula feed sposie wearing...and I know for a fact her mom wishes it wasn't this way but she doesn't have much choice

I breastfeed my DD (and also did my oldest) for the benifts....heath wise for us both (can we say ALL baby weight is off !!) and for convience....seriously to have to make a bottle, clean them then hold it for baby ya that's way too much work...I would rather hold my baby lift my shirt and let her go to town!:thumbsup: and with my other hand I can cuddle with my oldest also, hold the baby's hand play with her "lack" of hair whatever (type! lol ok that's few and far between now but ya)
and OH MY I NEVER knew how much forumla cost, that's crazy people are really getting ripped off but anyways!

also I cd my baby for OH so many reasons
it's better for her bum...we are rash prone! they are cute, I don't have to go shopping for diapers every week:yuck: and I NEVER have had an explosive poo in one that requires the baby have a full change of clothes plus a bath...b/c while changing her shirt she got poo in her hair also:yuck: :yuck:
and I don't have to fill up my garbage with stinky diapers....or deal with if DH forgets on trash day to take them out!

I really missed out with my oldest for CD but we aren't going back to sposies that's for sure!

Infinity 01-16-2008 02:10 PM

Re: why I do things
:thumbsup: :agreed: :exactly:

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