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shad1radog 01-19-2008 12:09 AM

CO Mommas
Hey fellow CO mommas!!

I have been set up as GAD retailer as of this week. I feel we really need to see more CD here on the western slope (I'm in Grand Junction). The way I want to start out selling CDs here is to host Cloth Diaper parties (kinda like how people do Pampered Chef and Mary Kay and such). But, to do this, I need your help!! I need people that want to host the parties and who better to start with than you CDing mommas?!

Here's what I ask of the hostess, you provide the place preferably and two friends along with you. I don't care how many people go I'd just prefer a two person minimum, but if you can't do this, we can work something out! The hostess will receive a % discount on her next order and the more people she invites that order diapers, the more of a discount she will get.

Is anyone interested? If you are, please pm me for more details! I'd love some local support in selling diapers, that is the main reason I got set up as a GAD retailer was because I couldn't find ANY cloth diapers locally. I thought I was the only person CDing here until I found this forum with all you CO mommas.

And a note to the mommas in Denver and Ft. Collins. I will be making my way over to Denver, Ft. Collins and Estes Park sometime in the next month to three months and would totally do a party over there if anyone was interested. Remember, the advantage of buying from me is you won't have to pay shipping prices like you would off of the internet if you are buying diapers I have available with me (or if you are local and you pick up).

A little about me:

My name is Megan and I was born and raised in Grand Junction. My husband is Mexican and we spent the past 2.5 years of our marriage living in Monterrey, Mexico (where my Dh is from). We moved up to GJ in Aug/Sept. before the birth of our second son, Joseph (who is now 3.5 months old). We are now in the process of getting my husband US residency, so since we have been up here he has not yet been able to work. I don't work because I am a SAHM. We are living with my parents as there is no other way we would make it since Dh can't work! This is another reason I would like to sell diapers, some income to help out while we get back on our feet! We have two boys, Ethan (2.26.06) and Joseph (10.1.07)

Please pm me with interest as I would really love to get this business moving!


amrijane128 01-19-2008 12:48 AM

Re: CO Mommas
That sounds really cool mama, I already converted one of my friends to CD's, she does fuzzibunz now, but I think it would be a really cool thing to try. What would you call this business adventure? :)

Bukawww 01-19-2008 12:55 AM

Re: CO Mommas
I am doing something similar here in Las Vegas (and WISH I was a fellow CO mama). I am also a GAD retailer, but I am working on getting my business licensing and other products 'made up' before I go 'live'. Congrats, Mama - isn't Shannon the greatest!?!

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