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RobynJ 01-25-2008 10:48 PM

How to EC while baby is at work with me...
So I have a special deal set up with my pastor (AKA boss) that I can bring the baby to work with me on the days I don't work from home. In my office I put up a superyard thing with the foam play mat underneath and he plays in that.... it is over carpet.

I don't know if I feel comfortable with him being completely diaperless and risk a miss on the floor at work- what are the alternatives? Fitteds? Or can you think of a way to safely protect the floor from getting wet:headscratch:

TaivensMama 01-26-2008 02:06 AM

Re: How to EC while baby is at work with me...
you could use a waterproof layer (nekkie blankie) or lay down like a tarp then a blanket over it or a big towel

Ooey 01-26-2008 02:19 AM

Re: How to EC while baby is at work with me...
How old is he? I'd say do the intensive "nakkie" EC'ing at home and when your at work keep him in a snappi'd prefold so you can tell as soon as he's gone and try to start putting him on it when you think he's going to go or as he's going. So I guess I'm suggesting practicing more a prevention kind of method when at work... of course this will be harder the younger he is and it also depends on how well you can read his signs. Is it pretty warm in your office? I always found it was way easier to read Whilder if she had no shirt on, those little tummy muscles really start to flex when baby has to potty.

Green Decals 01-26-2008 09:41 AM

Re: How to EC while baby is at work with me...
Yeah, how old is he? DS is with me at work all day (5 days a week), so our situation is similar. I used to just toilet him when he had a quiet, still moment, or when he looked like he needed to go, or when I thought he might need to go, or when he fussed like he needed to go. We taught him a sign for potty and now he signals when he needs to go, but he's in a prefold with a snappi or padded underwear all the time so if we miss something there's no mess. If he doesn't tell us when he needs to go, he tells us when he just did go. The nekkie thing doesn't work for us, as he likes to pee when his penis is free, which results in lots of puddles on the floor. He thinks its funny, really funny. We do lots of nekkie time after he pees, but as for running around all day naked, we've learned our lesson (many times over, I might add). He's only pooped on the floor once, though. He's been toileting his poops consistently since about 8 months, except of course when he has the runs. We didn't really start things until around 4 months and even then it was very inconsistent. He's 15 months now and about 80% toileting for pees.

tsfairy 01-26-2008 09:53 AM

Re: How to EC while baby is at work with me...
Yep I second (third, fourth? :giggle: ) the suggestion to keep something on his bum while at work. Keep watching for signals and take him potty, but you will have protection from accidents on the carpet. Even some absorbent training pants could work - Wee Essentials work well at containing misses, and Bright Bots actually have a waterproof layer in the wet zone.

You might also try putting down some quasi-waterproofing. Get a comfy quilt for him to play on, and underneath it put an old wool blanket from the thrift store. The combo should keep the carpet from getting wet if you have a miss, and your lo will have a soft surface to play on.

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