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beckers1111 08-18-2006 08:13 PM

My DD has been having some issues with the pooping part of potty training... She seems to be holding it in ( i have even caught her doing this and she claims that she doesnt want to poop. when I ask her why she just says I dont know.) and she ends up with small amounts of poop in her underwear. this happens about 10 times a day! Some days she doesnt do a full poop at all she just does this all day. It is so frustrating I am about to lose it! This is a regression...she was fully potty trained for a month and this wasnt happening before the regression. Im so lost! any help?

1happymama 08-18-2006 10:02 PM

Re: constipated??
Hmmm...sorry that I don't have any advice to offer.
My DD did do something similar though. For awhile we still were putting a diaper on her for naptime. So every day like clockwork she would poop at nap time (in the diaper) in order to avoid going on the toilet. :headscratch: Not sure why but she eventually got over it and we didn't have to do anything special. We just made a really big exciting deal about it everytime she did go in the toilet. :yay:
Hope you find a solution.

beckers1111 08-19-2006 07:12 AM

Re: constipated??
thanks mama. :goodvibes:

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