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paxbaby 02-05-2008 04:10 AM

I don't know if what we do is ECing or not...
But whatever it is, I like it!
My youngest son is 15 months & been pre-warning me for poops so I can get him to the potty in time, & he pees everytime I take off his CD, so if I take it off and get him on his potty, it's been working! We are also BIG believers in the PeePee tree outside so the kids can pee al fresco! They LOVE it!

Anyway, DS's poop got too solid to push out comfortably, & now it' s an every other day cry-a-thon when he does poop. I feel like maybe he has associated the potty with the poop pain because now he cries if I set him on there just for a pee....

ADVICE???? Thanks!

Youngatheart 02-05-2008 08:38 AM

Re: I don't know if what we do is ECing or not...
That's great that it's working so nicely for you! I did something similiar with my son (back in 1980!) and didn't realize it had a name :giggle: Years later, when I read about EC, I never doubted that it could work, since my son was totally PT (actually more "training" for me than for him) by 17 months.

He was verbal very early and world say "poop" at 13 months old when he had to go, so after that we never had a poopy diaper. The peeing took a few months longer, but he was totally there by 17 months.

Sorry to hear that your son is having problems shouldn't be super hard or painful to do #2...for a temporary fix a few prunes or prune juice should help him. For long term, reduce anything in his diet that is not whole grains, fruits or'll know when you've reduced enough when your LO is able to go easily with very little effort. Hope he's better soon.

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