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wbkt8 05-03-2006 05:05 PM

VBSN vs. FBs
for night time....

Right now I have a couple of Medium FBs that work well for us at night, but I only have the 2 and DD's threatening to grow out of them in the rise.

I got a couple of SEZ fleece pockets in Chubby Medium but I'm not sure if it's just my bad luck with microfleece or if they're not the right size, the right insert, etc. - but bottom line they don't work for us at night.

We can do nighttimes in a velour/OV Mutt or RFF under wool or fleece. I do hate that she wakes up with the whole diaper really wet though - esp. when it's wet up to the wings, kwim.

Anyway, so I hear such great things about VBSNs and I was looking at Hillbillybunny b/c I think she has the prettiest VBSNs I've seen. I see that she has some that are fleece lined and some that aren't. I like the idea of stay-dry but seriously don't want to have to worry about repelling...on the other hand, the OV ones might be roughly equivalent to the other fitteds I have used at night - ok but pretty damp in the am.

Or should I just get the next size up FBs? I've never had issues with FB fleece, but the FBs I have are really old so I don't know if I'd have the same luck with a newer one.

Ack! Advice?


jedibunni 05-03-2006 08:39 PM

Re: VBSN vs. FBs
Hmmmm, that's a tough one. I too like the FB for my DD but I got a VBSN recently and I really like it on her at night. I use that with a crat soaker and it works great! My DD got a ML in a VBSN but I think she will do a L too. I know monkeytoediapers has a couple nights in stock with sherpa? You could try one and see what you think. You will need a cover though but wool is my new fav!!!!

Oh, I have also heard that the L on FB is alot bigger than the medium??? That's why I have hesitated to get the next size up....



My2punkins 05-03-2006 08:42 PM

Re: VBSN vs. FBs
We were using FBs at night, but because dd was between sizes, we switched to VBSN and wool covers. I've searched Hillbilly bunny's site too and they are really pretty so I am thinking of getting one there also, only thing is they're too pretty to cover at night IMO ;-) As for the materials, that's a personal choice, but for FBs I can tell you the larges are HUGE! I've bought ahead and looking at them I'm thinking dd will be out of diapers by the time she fits in those things! Not sure if this is helpful to you..:headscratch: good luck!

Shawn 05-03-2006 09:02 PM

Re: VBSN vs. FBs
I'm die-hard for the FB's. They're the only dipe I use at night, stuffed with a Cotton Babies Microterry insert and an infant pf. After 2 years of FB use, I haven't had to trash one yet, nor have I had a leak!

If M's are getting short in the rise, but still ok in the thigh, I'd go to the ML's. Larges are definitely for the 'large' baby/toddler. My almost 3-year old, although potty trained already, still fits in the ML's while the larges just about fall off.

Never tried the VBSN's, so don't know what to tell ya' there.


wbkt8 05-04-2006 11:34 AM

Re: VBSN vs. FBs
thanks for the feedback. i think i might look into a vbsn w/ fleece and see if that works for us....

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