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Tigermommy 02-05-2008 08:40 PM

newborn clothes...what do I need to get?
I have a baby coming in May. I'm trying to keep my baby clutter down to a minimum.

I'm CD-ing (got my stash for that set up) with a view to part time EC-ing, so I have heard elsewhere it's better to not have onesies that do up at the bottom for instance.

Would anyone mind making me a little list of what I should get for her first couple of months? After that I can order stuff I like that works. I don't have any family here as we recently moved so I won't be getting baby shower stuff initially, so I will have to buy everything.

I saw some baby Kimono's with open bottoms that looked good for newborn-6 months here

Do these look like good value to you?

So for my list that I need help with
I was thinking of getting

2 x Those Kimono's
2-3 x side snap t-shirts
2-3 x pairs of pj type pants

Some socks, scratch mittens and gloves and recieving blankets, oh and a couple of hats.
NY gets pretty hot in the summer. So I won't need loads of heavy stuff.

Also if you have brands you can recommend... I hear things about some
being scratchy etc... plus I'm from the UK, so I'm not sure what is
available here in the USA in terms of nice quality at a reasonable price.

I will realistically be doing a clothes wash (not a diaper wash) every 4 days. I'm a SAHM so she can chug around in her nudeness a lot if she is happier that way.

Also if you have any of this kind of stuff you want to sell please ping me!

Thankyou SOOOOOO much!

Sunshinesmiles22 02-05-2008 09:52 PM

Re: newborn clothes...what do I need to get?
We were pretty minimalistic with ours, and I still have too much! Go figure!

I would say that I love pj outfits. I think Carters makes them and they're basically long-john style outfits. We have them with t-shirts and long sleeves. I love them for their accessability (for diapering and ec'ing). Ours loves footed sleepers, but they're a pain for in/out.

Gowns are nice, too, but our little one always ended up with them around her chest (even at a young age).

A lot of times, we do t-shirts or onesies (unbuttoned most of the time and tucked in), with pants or shorts over. I love the 2-piece outfit thing for ec'ing. I love to pull down the pants and potty baby right there. It DOES help to have pull-up style dipes/trainers. We started with the regular diaper thing, but now LOVE trainers with a pull up cover (when we're out). They also make them with it just one piece. Cloth inside and out, with a pul (waterproof-mostly) in between the cloth. You can get them with side snaps, too. You said you have your cd stash set, but keep this in mind. You can always sell easily (or use those when out and about) and do something more like pull ups at home.

Also, another clothing piece that's good is the one piece outfits. Rompers, I think. I didn't notice whether you're having a boy or girl, but I think they make them in either. We do this sort of thing around the house a lot (if you want clothes on for some reason)--unbuttoned. You can do the same thing with a onesie. Some people like a bit more modesty for some company. :) We LOVE nakey butt time, but sometimes we do a bit of clothing for some company. People have hang ups!!

Let me know if you need more info. We have a 10 month old, so we've tried lots of different things. Just know that you NEVER need as much as you think you do. We've bought so little, but stuff just appeared (maybe garage sales helped a bit!! LOL). Anyway, we like less stuff, so err on the side of NOTHING and you'll end up with plenty. I will say that she stayed in the 3-6 month size a LOT longer. Needless to say, that size stuff got washed a LOT!!

Oh, we had a bunch of hats (somehow), and our little one didn't use more than 2 or 3 of them (EVER). Never used the mittens/scratch gloves. A lot of long sleeved things come with fold down things for the scratching problem. Just keep that in mind :)


Tigermommy 02-06-2008 02:02 PM

Re: newborn clothes...what do I need to get?
This is SOOOO helpful, there was me thinking that onesies were off limit for EC-ing, but it also makes sense that the gowns would end up scrunched up round baby's middle!
I have a newborn stash of cd's, but as I upgrade them and get more EC-ish the pull ups sound excellent.

So for her first month...
Maybe I should stick to little pj pants and side snap tees then. Like a 5 pack of each?
The kimono's are probably not as practical as I first thought.
Any recommendations on blankets? muslin or cotton?

kthiday 02-06-2008 02:36 PM

Re: newborn clothes...what do I need to get?
my suggestion is definately the seperates, and BL too. Gowns are good, other than that, I think that's really all you need!

hershyyyy 02-06-2008 05:05 PM

Re: newborn clothes...what do I need to get?
Don't buy anything with snaps in the crotch, they are just pointless with the number of diaper changes. Really you need prefolds and wraps and t-shirt gowns until they are about 3-4 months. You can refold the prefolds when they are dry but have poop squirts so you don't have to wash dry diapers. You refold them to hide the poop squirt so another part of the diaper is against the babies skin. The t-shirt gowns are just really practical because you will be taking the diaper off a lot and pulling pants up and down is such a hassle. After about 3-4 months the poop squirts stop, usually the baby becomes a lot more reliable and you can switch to waterproof or non trainers that catch just one pee for the day and use your prefolds for nap and night. I also like using longies for nap and night and just putting the prefold in loosely since it doesn't need to contain an poop.

Have fun:)

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