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ddewan 02-12-2008 07:39 AM

Fitteds for Ecing
What less expensive fitted would you recommend for ecing a 4 month old. Can you see if they peed through the fitted? Why not use trainers instead? Does anyone like the MEOS bamboo fitted? If possible does anyone have there pics of their LO in different fitteds you use?

amhmtq 02-12-2008 09:22 AM

Re: Fitteds for Ecing
We used the Motherease Sandy's as a fitted when my daughter was just getting the hang of it, during the times that I didn't want her naked for whatever reason. They have very stretchy waist and leg holes that allowed her to pull them up and down very easily. We started ECing with her around 12 months, and these worked really well. The MEOS diapers do not have very much stretch since the fit relies on the snap settings. They would not come up and down very easily, IMHO.

Gloria_Signes 02-12-2008 08:32 PM

Re: Fitteds for Ecing
I have used tiny trainers on and off on my now-11 month old DD. And we've been EC'ing since birth. Until they can walk, I feel trainers are far more trouble than they're worth. It's hard to get a GOOD fit (regardless of the supposed size recommendations), and they typically have very little absorbency, which means that if you have a big wet miss, you have a big wet mess (all down the legs - I speak from experience). I think our favorite option has been an infant sized prefold in a diaper belt. You can always tell immediately when wet, and super easy on/off. I hear that once your DC outgrows the infant in terms of good fit through the rise (as my DD now has done), since Premiums are ridiculously big, fitteds are a great way to go. (I am also concerned with wetness detection in a fitted and am trying to find something more like a prefitted sans doubler for that.)

Also - my experience with tiny trainers that have a wetness barrier (not waterproof, just leak protection) like taslene and PUL hidden within, is that these leak even more than if they did not have that barrier included. Without the barrier, the trainer will absorb more of the liquid without leaking down baby's legs.

The best fit in a tiny cloth trainer (and one of the cheapest) is Bright Bots. Very true to size. The smaller sizes of Shi Shi Nix and Eco Nix, however, are also relatively good fits. And the Shi Shi Nix and Eco Nix are also VERY absorbent (and take forever to line-dry!).

The best non-waterproofed trainer we've tried is, hands down, the Little Beetle Learner.

Your DC is probably still much too small for just about any of these options, however. I would encourage you to just get a bunch of infant prefolds and a diaper belt. Works great for when you want that bum covered, just in case. (And in our experience, the unbleached indian cotton prefold is AWESOME -- trim, absorbent, washes/dries awesome, super soft once it's prepped, holds up forever -- we only own 8, so I have to wash them just about every other day, and they're still in fabulous condition -- super cheap ... it can't be beat! Much nicer than the hemp prefolds we had.)

hollissmama 02-12-2008 09:10 PM

Re: Fitteds for Ecing
We also used infant prefolds with a prefold belt (homemade, a headband will work well too) We tried the Premium size and they are huge! and I have a 26lb 9 month old. (We still use the infant ones in covers but they don't fit in the belt.) So we sold those and are getting a mix of fitteds. I buy alot of the cheap ones on FSOT because they don't have to be super absorbant for EC. We like them b/c they are easy on and off. I am also making some pull-up diapers. We used kissaluvs when he was a wee one, alot of people say they are not absorbant enough but they worked great since we would change him after one pee. But I have some trainers and they do make a wet mess if you have a big miss. Not the best option. Here is a picture of him at about 5 months old in a dyed kissaluv:

nalazimbala 02-13-2008 09:59 AM

Re: Fitteds for Ecing
we have used mostly one size fitteds since dd was born - here are a couple that we use alot...

first is a bella bottom. she makes them in different fabrics including terry, hemp & bamboo. the terry ones are only $8.50, i think. and if my daughter isn't wearing a cover, i can tell when she has peed.

the second is a growing green which is made of organic cotton. these fit the best of any of our os when dd was little and still are a great fit. they come with a snap-in doubler so i just don't use the doubler around the house and i can easily tell when she pees (with the doubler, they are great when we're away from home)

the growing greens are a little more at $14/each

hope this helps!

ddewan 02-13-2008 10:42 AM

Re: Fitteds for Ecing
Are the Bella Bottoms stretchy enough to pull up and down without unsnapping for quick access?

nalazimbala 02-13-2008 11:30 AM

Re: Fitteds for Ecing

Originally Posted by ddewan (Post 2767680)
Are the Bella Bottoms stretchy enough to pull up and down without unsnapping for quick access?

I believe you could pull these down without unsnapping them, but I don't think it would be any quicker/easier than just pulling the snaps open as long as you are the one having to do it. (I mean when your baby is old enough to pull them down his/herself then it would be easier than undoing the snaps).

hershyyyy 02-13-2008 01:09 PM

Re: Fitteds for Ecing
My advice is that if you want to pull them up and down you should have training pants that have snaps that are only used to take off when they are wet. I make some, check out my signature blogs.


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