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eschmeling 08-24-2006 01:06 AM

diaper accessories - where to buy?
I have a whole bundle of questions regarding where to get and what to get - first off, for diaper sprayers, any good places to find one? they seem to run $40 on some sites, but much less on ebay - are there good and bad ones out there?
also, for pails and pail liners - any good suggestions as to where to get something good? I was thinking of getting a metal trashcan, but those are expensive!
lastly, does anyone know if I can get wetbags with amy butler prints?

I am slowly building a diaper stash and the whole toilet dunking/leaving in sink thing is getting to be annoying! Any hints would be greatly appreciated!


beenwaitingalongtime 08-24-2006 02:29 AM

Re: diaper accessories - where to buy?
I think $30 is pretty typical for a diaper sprayer. If you can get one cheaper w/ the following features, get it! I love my mini-shower (from ) and the adjustable water pressure. It hooks onto the back bowl to stay out of the way/yet handy when I need it and connects right to the toilet in seconds.

I would say go for a plastic pail--as I wonder if a metal one would rust if it got wet repeatedly. :headscratch: If you can find one w/ a step-on lid opener, that's great so you don't have to bend. I'm using my Diaper Dekor lined w/ a pail liner currently just because I got it at my shower. I like the step-on part, but it doesn't hold much...

I make PUL pail liners, if you need one. They're $14-$23 depending on how many gallons. Lots of other mamas make them on here, too...

I've got some gorgeous Amy Butler print PUL dipes from (a DS mama)--maybe she has enough of some of the prints to make a wetbag? Check out her site, or PM her here. Those prints sure would make a pretty bag!

beenwaitingalongtime 08-24-2006 10:37 AM

Re: diaper accessories - where to buy?
Oh! I just came across this Amy Butler wetbag today on HC! (It's in the Cocoa Rose print on my new BH!) It's kind of on the smallish side, IMO, but pretty!

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