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eightcowwife 08-24-2006 09:56 PM

Well i woke this morning and was bleeding its pretty heavy now so I guess it wasn't meant to be right now.:(

lovemygirls 08-24-2006 09:59 PM

Re: Bleeding...
I had bleeding with my last pregnancy and now I have an 8 month old dd.

Praying for you mama!! :hugs:

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 08-24-2006 09:59 PM

Re: Bleeding...
I'm sorry, do you have a dr appointment? go get an u/s done, this happen to me with my son at 11 weeks, i tore my placenta,and started hemorraging badly, cramps and all.
it healed itself over a some weeks and the u/s showed the baby was fine. and so dont think the worst just yet mama:hugs:

hollyhobby30 08-24-2006 10:07 PM

Re: Bleeding...
I'm praying all is ok Anna~

MommyMommyMommy 08-24-2006 10:17 PM

Re: Bleeding...
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

nothing_butt_cloth 08-24-2006 10:23 PM

Re: Bleeding...
Praying for you. Take care of yourself!!!

jennyofthemoon 08-25-2006 03:12 AM

Re: Bleeding...

cblurose 08-25-2006 05:46 AM

Re: Bleeding...
:hugs: I'm sorry mama.

masonite 08-25-2006 10:42 PM

Re: Bleeding...
:hugs: I hope everything is okay.

Sherry 08-26-2006 12:16 AM

Re: Bleeding...
i'm so sorry. (((hugs)))

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