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MamaMel 08-25-2006 08:13 PM

her breast are swollen
My DD's breast are still swollen and she's 5.5 months old. I know after birth they are swollen and if you are breatfeeding alittle bit longer but nearly 6 months??? My Dr. showed some concern about it at 2 months but I forgot to mention it at 4 months (our visit was short lily was nursing the whole time) any one else have this problem? Im afraid it could be she has too much estrogen or am I just crazy?


sparkygirl74 08-25-2006 08:28 PM

Re: her breast are swollen
Delaney's are still a little swollen an she's 20 months. The doctor said that as long as they weren't getting bigger and there were no other signs of a hormone problem that we shouldn't worry about it. He said it might be from nursing, or it might go away on its own. I did a little research on it on my own, and aparently it just happens to some babies.
I would talk to your Dr about it anywy, just to ease your mind.

nothing_butt_cloth 08-25-2006 09:07 PM

Re: her breast are swollen
I have a firend and 2 of her 4 kdis have breasts. The baby is 26 months and the other turns 4 next week. It is kind of sad, the 2 yo has bigger breasts than her 10 yo sister. They told her the girls have a concave chestor something, which make their breasts look bigger, but i dont think so. I am not a doc though. So maybe...

skayers01 08-26-2006 01:54 AM

Re: her breast are swollen
My three (almost four!) month old son has "man boobs" cleavage and all! He's such a pork chop! I wouldn't worry about it.

jls~Kain~Drake 08-27-2006 07:17 AM

Re: her breast are swollen
My first had those swollen knot-like bumps for a long time after birth. I don't remember exactly how long, but I remember thinking - will they EVER go away?? I vaguely remember bringing it up to the doc and just a "They'll go away, don't worry about it" kind of response.

Not dealing with it, I can say that I wouldn't worry about it. But if it's causing you concern, you could give the docs office a call and see what one of the nurses has to say about it.

Sara315 08-27-2006 10:11 AM

Re: her breast are swollen
Ive heard that the hormones passed threw BM can cause the baby to have bigger breast. I would say something to you ped but I dont think its anything to get to worried about.

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