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bfoster2000 05-04-2006 01:39 PM

Birth plans
Anybody want to share theirs? I know I've seen some samples and templates online but of course I couldn't find them when I was looking for another mama a few minutes ago! :banghead: I'm hoping for a homebirth this time but if I do wind up at the hospital, I want to have the birth plan in place so that things go more smoothly this time. The midwife I'll be using if I wind up in the hospital delivered my cousin's baby last year so I'm waiting on a copy of her birth plan to see what they agreed on. Just want to see what others have included and make sure I don't leave anything out! Thanks!! :)

myajdw 05-04-2006 06:42 PM

Re: Birth plans
okay so i found the thread but no posts yet! i was thinking this is great just in case i leave something out that is important!

zonapellucida 05-04-2006 07:09 PM

Re: Birth plans

Birth Plan Worksheet

When writing your own Birth Plan, keep the following points in mind.

1. A Birth Plan should not come across as being an order to the medical staff. Keep it as friendly as you can.

2. Your Birth Plan should be no longer than one page. A medical staff member should be able to quickly look at the paper and get a good understanding of where you are coming from.

3. Make it personal. Mention a procedure you definitely want to avoid, or a major fear you might have.

4. Don't get too detailed. Understand that some things, such as totally avoiding electronic fetal monitoring in a hospital setting, is practically impossible. Be willing to compromise. For example, you might agree to intermittent fetal monitoring.

5. Put your desires in bulleted form. This makes everything easy to read and understand.


Mother's Name:
Support Person/People:
Place of Delivery:

Introduction: This should be a brief statement saying something about your general goal for your birth experience, including any fears you have or any interventions you definitely want to avoid. If you have had any complications during your pregnancy that may affect your labor or your outlook on labor, you may include that here.

Here are my/our main preferences for this birth experience:

v Point number one

v Point number two

v Point number three

v Point number four

In the case of an emergency cesarean birth, I/we would like these wishes to be honored:

v Point number one

v Point number two

v Point number three

I/We would like to thank you in advance for respecting our wishes. We will forever remember this experience.

zonapellucida 05-04-2006 07:09 PM

Re: Birth plans
I don't know that it helps

deejahd 05-04-2006 07:16 PM

Re: Birth plans
My midwife gave me an example one and a template for my son, what kind of info are you looking for exactly?

myajdw 05-04-2006 07:18 PM

Re: Birth plans
this helps so far!

myajdw 05-04-2006 07:19 PM

Re: Birth plans
we're just looking for an example, or if you would like share yours that may remind us of something we've forgotten. or something that we didn't think about that may be important.

Carrie 05-04-2006 07:25 PM

Re: Birth plans
It is really important to go over the birth plan in advance with the doctor or midwife who will be delivering the baby. This ensures that your expectations are realistic and that she knows what is most important to you about the birth. My doc was great about going over it with me. I knew I would probably have to deliver in the OR (twins--possible emergency cs), but it was really important to me that I not have to deliver on the operating table unless absolutely necessary. My OB said she was comfortable with me being moved to the table only in the case of an emergency. When the day came, my LD nurse saw that on the birth plan, and asked all sorts of hosptal people, who all said I had to deliver on the table. I was near tears! But, when they went to move me to the table, my OB, said no, she was competent to make that decision. If I hadn't discussed it in advance, I'm sure I would have terrible memories of delivering flat on my back on a hard metal table! If you pm me your email, I can email the Word document with my plan. It's on my other computer so it might be later tonight or tomorrow though.

Emma 05-04-2006 07:42 PM

Re: Birth plans
I'm sorry this is long, but this is my birth plan, and I don't really know how to link it since it's a word document. :) I am less than computer saavy.

I just got back from my OB appt, and she said that pretty much everything I have on here she would have no problems accomodating. She said the only part I might run into to some problems is the eye drops in terms of hospital regulations. She also said that on some stuff (like the pitocin for the placenta), that I would have to make sure I'm vocal about NOT wanting it as the nurse will do it automatically.

Please discuss all procedures with my husband and myself before they are conducted.

IV / heplock – Please do not administer an IV or heparin lock unless there is a clear medical indication that such is necessary. I plan on remaining hydrated by drinking moderate amounts of fluids such as water, juice, and/or ice chips.

Epidurals – I DO NOT WANT ONE, so please do not offer it to me. Only administer if it is medically necessary(such as a C-section).

Other pain relief – If I request pain relief (such as NuBain or Demerol), please give it to me in the form of a shot, as I do not want an IV/heplock.

Episiotomies – I do not want one, I would prefer to tear. Please suture tears only if necessary.

C-section – Unless if it is a medical emergency, and either mine or my baby’s life is in danger. If I’m just having a long labor and the baby’s heart rate is fine, then I do not want one. IF I do have to have a C-section, please consult both myself and my husband prior to. I wish to be fully informed of all procedures and actively participate in decision-making. If I do have to have a C-section, I would like my husband to be present during the surgery.

Fetal Monitoring – As long as the baby is doing well, I would prefer to have intermittent external monitoring.

Induction – I would like to avoid this unless it is medically necessary.

Labor / Pushing – I would like to be free to walk, change positions and use the bathroom as needed or desired. I would prefer to wear my contacts during labor. Even if I am fully dilated, and assuming the baby is not in distress, I would like to wait until I feel the urge to push before beginning the pushing phase. I would like the freedom to choose the position that is most comfortable for me to push and deliver.

Delivering the Placenta – I would prefer to wait for spontaneous delivery of the placenta and do not want a routine injection of pitocin, unless it is medically necessary (such as excessive bleeding).

Post Birth (baby-related) – I would like to hold the baby immediately after birth unless medical reasons inhibit that. I want to breast feed the baby immediately after birth. If possible, please evaluate and bathe the baby at my bedside. If the baby must go to the nursery for evaluation or medical treatment, my husband or our doula, will accompany the baby at all times. Please delay eye medication for the baby until we are well past the initial bonding period. Please do not give the baby supplements (including formula, glucose, or plain water) without my consent, unless there is an urgent medical necessity. Please do not give the baby a pacifier.

MammaGehl 05-04-2006 07:54 PM

Re: Birth plans
The Gehl Family Birth Plan

Mother: Lori Gehl Father: Ben Gehl
Support Person(s): Amy Bookwalter CLD, Erica Schachner-Statman, Sandra Willis

This birth plan is intended to express the preference and desires we have for the birth of our baby. It is not intended to be a script. We fully realize that situations may arise such that our plan cannot and should not be followed. However, we hope that barring any extenuating circumstances, you will be able to keep us informed and aware of our options. Thank you.

First Stage (Labor):
* Dim Lights, Peace and Quiet, Music of our choice.
* Would prefer to keep vaginal exams to a minimum.
* Maintain mobility (Walking, rocking, up to bathroom, etc.)
* Nibble on light snacks and drink to comfort.
* Heparin lock placed in forearm, not in hand
* EFM as little as possible
* If an EKG is needed please perform at time of EFM
* Please do not offer me pain medications, I will ask for them if I want them.

Labor Augmentation/Induction:
* I would prefer to use natural methods to start labor.
* I would prefer to walk to speed labor.
* I do not wish to have the AROM unless signs of fetal distress.

Second Stage (Birth):
* Choice of position
* Prolonged length, assuming mom and baby are fine
* I would like my husband and/or doula to support me and my legs as necessary during the pushing stage.
* I would like to try to deliver in a squatting position, using my husband or a squatting bar for support.
* I would like a mirror available so I can see my baby's head crowning.
* I would like the chance to touch my baby's head when it crowns.
* Even if I am fully dilated, and assuming my baby is not in distress, I would like to try to wait until I feel the urge to push before beginning the pushing phase.
* Unless the baby is in distress, and it is medically necessary, we would like to avoid the use of forceps
and vacuum.
* I would appreciate having the room lights turned low and room quiet for the actual delivery.
* I would like to have my baby placed on my stomach/chest immediately after delivery.
* I am hoping to protect the perineum. I have been practicing ahead of time by squatting, doing Kegel exercises, and perineal massage.
* I would prefer not to have an episiotomy unless absolutely required for the baby's safety.
* Use of warm compress and “Arnica Oil” to protect the perineum.
* I would appreciate guidance in when to push and when to stop pushing so the perineum can stretch.
* If possible, I would like to use perineal massage to help avoid the need for an episiotomy.
* Local Anesthesia (for repair)

Cesarean Birth:
* Unless absolutely necessary, I would like to avoid a Cesarean.
* If a Cesarean delivery is indicated, I would like to be fully informed and to participate in the decision- making process.
* I would like my husband present at all times if my baby requires a Cesarean delivery.
* Spinal/epidural anesthesia
* I do not want medication that would make me tired, please give antacids or other alternatives.
* If my baby is not in distress, my baby should be given to my husband immediately after birth.
* Video/Pictures taken
* Free one hand to touch the baby
* Breast feeding in recovery room

Baby Care:
* I would prefer that the umbilical cord stop pulsating before it is cut.
* My husband does NOT wish to cut the cord.
* Delay the Vitamin K shot
* No separation of Mother & Baby
* I would like to hold my baby while I deliver the placenta and any tissue repairs are made.
* I would like to hold my baby for at least fifteen minutes before (he/she) is examined, etc.
* I would like to have my baby evaluated and bathed in my presence.
* Please delay the bathing of the baby as long as possible.
* I do not wish the vernix to be removed.
* I plan to keep my baby near me following birth and would appreciate if the evaluation of my baby can be done with my baby on my abdomen, with both of us covered by a warm blanket, unless there is an unusual situation.
* If my baby must be taken from me to receive medical treatment, my husband or some other person I designate will accompany my baby at all times.
* I would prefer to hold my baby rather than have (him/her) placed under heat lamps.
* I do not want a routine injection of pitocin after the delivery to aid in expelling the placenta.
* After the birth, I would prefer to be given a few moments of privacy to urinate on my own before
being catheterized.
* I would like to see the placenta after it is delivered.

* I plan to breastfeed my baby and would like to begin nursing very shortly after birth.
* Unless medically necessary, I do not wish to have any bottles given to my baby (including glucose water or plain water).
* I do not want my baby to be given a pacifier.
* I would like to meet with a Lactation Consultant.

* I do not wish to have the circumcision performed in the hospital.

Sick Baby:
* Breast feeding as soon as possible
* Unlimited visitation for parents
* Handling the baby (Kangaroo care, holding, care of, etc.)
* If the baby is transported to another facility, move us as soon as possible

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