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jaseyandmallorysmommy 08-26-2006 07:13 PM

Do you think we can start a thread for what theme we are doing and our lesson plans? I am starting an Alpha thread but feel free to add ideas to it.

annes_cottage 08-26-2006 08:56 PM

Re: Themes
September 2006

A peek at Earth's inhabitants from millions of years ago, combined with fun & fascinating prehistoric facts. A sure kid-pleaser!

Children will experience the joy of discovering more about themselves and what makes each of them unique.

Dd; Ee; Mm

Gray; Blue




Five Green Beans 08-27-2006 09:16 PM

Re: Themes
Im waiting on materials still so we are kinda winging it and mostly doing review type stuff right now to start getting back in the swing of thigns.

dd2 is doing the following (though we kind unschool her this is my hopes for the week she may add in a few things or we switch things up)

Letter's - C & G

Number - 4

Color - Red

Shape - Circle

Sight words - it & the

Reading - Miss Bindergarten gets ready for Kindergarten

dd1 (3rd grade) will be working on the following

Mutiplication tables 1-4

lowercase cursive

spelling review, I have a book of her spelling words for every week from last year so we will spend a few weeks seeing how much we remember from last year.

she is reading a Faith Girlz chapter book and she will do a book report when she is done with it.

I teach history and sceince with both girls at once just differnt expectiations with work kwim?

for science both girls will be learning about animals and there habitats we are hoping to be able to get to the zoo.

for history we are leanring about the state of PA where we live now and the state of FL where they where born. I studied FL history and never knew anything baout my home state (PA) so we will be learning about it together.

im also teaching the girls how to play trumpet and baritone for fun (and music) im hoping we get some other insturments (im a yard sale hopeful) im lucky that i can play just about everything so I can teach them an insturment of there choice.

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