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Sweetforestcat 08-29-2006 09:48 AM

obsessiveness and stress with 2WW
I hate the 2WW...I am too obsessive about it. I think I am worse when I do not chart but I am horribly obsessive this week. Maybe it is because all of the stress I am under. Do you think that is the culprit? Or maybe it is because I/we messed up.....we weren't supposed to be TTC but TTA, well I ovulated after I thought I already had. I haven't even told DH yet that I ovulated on his B-day. I think he will be really upset or maybe not. DH was looking at my PG belly and newborn shots last night though and that was nice. Maybe I just wish DH was more optimistic instead of pessimistic. ugh

My chart

SugarBunsWool&More 08-29-2006 03:12 PM

Re: obsessiveness and stress with 2WW
I hate the 2WW too and I think it is a stressful crappy time of the month for every mama ttc!
So you're hoping you aren't pregnant, not hoping for a BFP, did I read that right?
Well I hope you get what you want at the end of your 2WW. :) And that your DH is happy if you get pregnant on accident!

Sweetforestcat 08-29-2006 03:41 PM

Re: obsessiveness and stress with 2WW
SArah, thank you for responding. Sometimes I feel as if I am such a baby. Honestly, I do not know what I am hoping for! I do know DH and I agreed we would "roll the dice" as he put it but I know neither of us are ready right now for another baby. But on the other hand I would rather have one sooner than later so I can get back to work sooner. I guess May is a good month to be born, but I've have always wanted a newborn in summer. My other 3 were all fall babies and it is cold when trying to nurse them. I just want to give my best to a new baby and right now is not that time! I would be happy either way but I know my family would not...maybe that is the problem!

Sweetforestcat 08-29-2006 03:44 PM

Re: obsessiveness and stress with 2WW
now I feel bad that if I am PG that I would have had negative thoughts about being PG. So then I want to be PG and then will be sad when AF comes. ugh....I do hate this waiting game...why can't I know sooner! LOL

SugarBunsWool&More 08-29-2006 04:20 PM

Re: obsessiveness and stress with 2WW
I can understand the conflicted emotions! This is such a hard decision to make and I still feel conflicted about if we want another baby or not. Its hard to go from one baby to two, from what I hear.
When do you expect your AF? I have no idea when mine will come but I'm thinking about 2 weeks from yesterday, since that's when I got my positive OPK.
I hope I am pregnant this month, DH and I are both tired of the disappointment we feel when AF shows up.
I can't remember where you live, but for me here in Texas, May is hot! Just move next door, then you'll get your way with a summer baby! :lostit:

Abunchofus 09-04-2006 10:46 AM

Re: obsessiveness and stress with 2WW
so when are you testing?

seems like there are several of us here on DS that are on FF also!

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