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pigletmsu 03-07-2008 07:51 PM

Nanny cam saves baby
I belong to a board on babycenter. Recently, after watching the abuse of the twin babies on CNN, a mom on the board installed a nanny cam. After the first day, she sat down to watch the video expecting to see the nanny taking care of the baby like normal. Imagine her HORROR to discover the nanny slapped, spanked, shook, and further abused her 5 MONTH OLD DD! When the parents turned in the video to the police, the police watched it and told the parents that it was the worst

I have been following the story for a week now waiting for the nanny to get arrested. She was arrested yesterday and had her bond hearing today. So the story is now all over the media.

I feel like other people need to see this. We are all mothers, some of us are WOHMs who have in-home caregivers. I in no way am saying that all care givers are like this, but just in case, I want to spread the word.

Here is the mom's story:

We installed a nanny cam after seeing the CNN video on Sunday. Tuesday was our first day of taping, and our world has been turned upside down by what we saw. I never dreamed that our nanny was abusing Caroline . . . .

I'm writing this because I think it's important for me in terms of starting to come to grips with this, and also because I want to urge everyone out there to check up on your caregivers, even if you think everything is fine. You just never know. And I'm so thankful we found out what was going on before my baby got hurt, or worse, killed.

From the time my DH left the house, she didn't pick up DD once, just left her on the floor while she watched TV on the couch, until she picked her up to basically drop her into her exersaucer about 2 1/2 hours into the video. When that didn't stop Caroline's crying, she grabbed her up, and SHOOK HER VIOLENTLY. That, of course, didn't stop the crying, so she put her in the swing, pretty roughly.

Once she realized the swing wasn't going to stop the crying, she picked her up, to shake her, once again. I'm talking holding her with both arms, shaking her HARD.

I had to stop watching.

My husband watched the rest of the video. It shows the nanny roughly handling Caroline, flipping her over to spank her. Later in the video, she SLAPS Caroline in the face twice. My poor baby screamed for pretty much the entire day.

The thing is, DD ptactically never cries, and when she does, she's easy to soothe. This evil witch never even tried to calm my baby. She just went straight to abuse.

We spent all day yesterday between the doctor's office & the hospital. This morning we went to the pediatric opthamologist. The good news is, Caroline is physically okay.

My husband went to the police yesterday with the video. The violent crimes detective said it's one of the more egregious cases he's seen, and he was surprised that my baby wasn't physically injured based on his experience. We are still waiting for her to be arrested, although the detective assured my husband that she WILL be arrested. I want to destroy this woman. I want her life ruined. I want her to spend a LOT of time in prison.

I can't imagine what DD has gone through every day when I left for work. The lady was with us for 2 1/2 months. I have to believe that this just started a couple of weeks ago, when Caroline started to get upset when I'd leave for work. I just thought it was separation anxiety.

Right now, I'm just trying to focus on the fact that Caroline is okay. My mother is going to move from NC (we live in SC) to keep Caroline while I work. Once we are financially able (there's a lot going on right now - DH starting up his own firm as of March 1), I think I'm going to quit my job as an attorney to stay home with her.

I feel so many different things. A lot of guilt, because I feel like I should have known somehow, or "listened" to my baby more closely. Deep sadness, because I wanted my baby to know only love. Vengeance, because I'd like to take revenge on this woman.

We checked this woman out very thoroughly (so I thought) before hiring her. She worked for an agency prior to us hiring her. Her husband is a retired policeman. She's church going (not that it matters, but she held herself out to be a very Christian person). We did a background check and checked references - everything checked out okay. We did everything we were supposed to before hiring her. And she seemed okay. Caroline used to smile at her when she got here in the morning. I really thought the worst thing I was going to see was her watching TV all day.

MatildasMum 03-07-2008 07:54 PM

Re: Nanny cam saves baby
That makes me sick.

mclaybrook 03-07-2008 07:55 PM

Re: Nanny cam saves baby
That is sooo sad! I'm glad they caught her before it was too late :cry:

sbolen 03-07-2008 08:01 PM

Re: Nanny cam saves baby
That's so scary. We are going to have to get a nanny in a few months and I don't know if I can do it.

Amalthya83 03-07-2008 08:32 PM

Re: Nanny cam saves baby
That brought some tears on. Wow...just wow. I'm so glad me and mu hubby take shifts. I make my own schedule, so I'm able to schedule work for when he's home to watch the kids. They're always with one of us.

Hayley 03-07-2008 08:38 PM

Re: Nanny cam saves baby
That is so sad.

Grrchurch03 03-07-2008 08:44 PM

Re: Nanny cam saves baby
That is so sad. Thank God she was caught before anything permanent was done, that is just awful, I'd want to kill that nanny. The horrors that poor baby went through. And dh wonders why I never want to leave the kids.

Fither 03-07-2008 08:44 PM

Re: Nanny cam saves baby
this seriously makes me sick. that poor baby.

and WTH is wrong with people???????? ugh, it just baffles my mind to the point i can't even comprehend it.

Distinctive Decals 03-07-2008 08:46 PM

Re: Nanny cam saves baby
Incredible, just incredible....and those parents did all the "right" things before hiring her too.

masonite 03-07-2008 08:50 PM

Re: Nanny cam saves baby
The horror, seriously. I can't even formulate WORDS.

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