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forsaken1216 03-07-2008 11:42 PM

Question for GA mommies
Hi everyone quick question to all of us GA moms. If there was a diaper service in your area, would you use it? Would you consider giving someone certificates for service as a gift?

Here's the thing, When my 8 yo was born i was given a year of service from the ladies at work. i loved it, no rinsing, washing drying, folding etc. After the first year i continued the service myself and found it reseasonable and so convient. So now We have moved to GA and there are no services around us for our new little one. I am trying to see if a service is a feasible idea up here and how much interest there is. My husband thinks it's a great idea so do I. What do you ladies think? We have industrial washers and dryers from his father's dry cleaning business that he just closed, so there's a big issue out of the way.

Long I know,but thanks for reading and responding.

bfoster2000 03-08-2008 11:19 PM

Re: Question for GA mommies
Personally, I probably wouldn't use it myself (I like MY fluff and I don't really mind washing) but I know a lot of people would and I would consider giving it as a gift. I know quite a few people who CD'd after being given diaper service as a gift but would never consider it on their own. Where are you in GA? When I was pregnant with DJ (4+ years ago) I looked into diaper services and if I remember right, there were a couple around Atlanta but they were more expensive that sposies so I never even went as far as seeing what their service area was. Good luck!

forsaken1216 03-10-2008 07:06 PM

Re: Question for GA mommies
I am in west central GA. The closest service is near Atlanta ( about 1.5 hours), so I kinda figured that it may work this far down from it.

Thanks for the input...

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