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rowynne 08-31-2006 12:29 PM

Moving & BCPs dont mix!
Figured this was more "appropriate" over here.

I started taking a new BCP (yasmin) at the beginning of August, then dh got a teaching position & we had to find a place to live, pack & relocate in 2wks. THAT didnt do well for remembering to take the pill....I would forget for a day or 2, then have to double up, then remember one or 2 days, then forget a few more & have to double up again through the whole pack. Tomorrow is supposed to be my last pill but I had to double up yesterday & will have to today too... I've NEVER been bad about taking the pill, or at least not THIS bad! I even warned dh that I could get pg, but apparently he forgot or didnt care because he woke me up sunday morning for a quick BD. I TOLD him all month & even the night before that I had messed up the pill so there could be no bding or I could get pg. S0 who knows what he was thinking at the time. I had several m/c's before having my youngest & used fertility drugs to get & stay pg with her so I am a bit concerned. I called my OB tuesday & explained the situation to him & he called in prometrium for me "just in case". I'd LOVE to be pg again (wasnt really planning on a 4th so soon & dh wasnt wanting another at all!) So I guess I will be testing in about 10 days give or take.

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