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sarahohm 03-16-2008 11:54 AM

Non-vaxing Mommies- Need your advice
My DS received his 2 month vaccines, but after some initial research, we declined the 4 month vaccines until I could do some more research.

I am nearly 100% certain we will not be getting anymore vaccines. My LO is EBF and although I work outside the home (military), DS is cared for in my home by a wonderful Nanny. When we do leave our house, he is always in a sling.

Here is my question, do I need to be cautious about taking him to settings with large amounts of young children until he is older? I know that many of the VPD are not common anymore, but some still are. He is not at "high risk" for contracting many of those illnesses because he is not in a group care setting, but I am wondering if I need to keep him from group play as well.

I hope that isn't too silly of a question. :blush:

palmettosweetheart 03-16-2008 12:45 PM

Re: Non-vaxing Mommies- Need your advice
My DS (now 5 months) has not received any vaxes and is BF and FF. I have taken him to several play group sessions. He has only had one sore throat that lasted a day and DH brought that into our house from a flight back from Seattle. Whereas I have a friend whose daughter is a week younger than DS and is FF and vaxed. She has had RSV, double ear infection, and several colds and possibly the Flu ( I can't remember).

The only thing I would be watching out for is pertussis (whooping cough), but *typically* you know who would be having that and most kids that would have it would not be going to a play group.

nothingtosee 03-16-2008 01:23 PM

Re: Non-vaxing Mommies- Need your advice
We EBF too, and use the sling when we go out. Ds has not been sick yet, but he wasn't allowed around many children/people till he was 3 months(now 5mo).
I'm always careful around other children. Especially for about 2 weeks after others have had their vaccines, since they shed viruses and can spread the disease. That's how my former nephew in law got mumps.
Edit: May I suggest asking your pedi about children's ecchenacia(sp) for a precaution?

bfoster2000 03-16-2008 01:40 PM

Re: Non-vaxing Mommies- Need your advice
James has never been vaxed and we've never taken any special precautions with him. Since I work from home, I kept him with me when he was born until he got to the point where he was staying awake more than asleep during the day and wanted more attention. Then I started sending him to my mom's house along with my 3 year old while I worked. She did daycare and had several other children of various ages. We also took him to stores, restaurants, parks, parties, church, etc. When he was 16 months old, he started Montessori school along with DJ. He's had some chronic respiratory problems since he was born but that has nothing to do with vaxing. He had one ear infection in December...otherwise no problems. I never even considered keeping him away from other children when he was a baby.

iris0110 03-16-2008 07:52 PM

Re: Non-vaxing Mommies- Need your advice
Tharen was never vaxed, and I have never taken any specific precautions with him. He's two now. Since he was 6 months old he has been spending two days a week in a childrens therapy center waiting room while his brother has therapy. He meets lots of kids there, lots of germs, and he is still never sick. The only contagious illness he has gotten so far was pink eye (which he proceeded to give to all of us by poking us in the eyes) which isn't a big deal at all. We eat well, he is still nursing even now, and I think that is plenty. Now I just hope he manages to pick up alot of the common illnesses so he can develop a lifelong immunity to them.

TieNappyQueen 03-16-2008 07:57 PM

Re: Non-vaxing Mommies- Need your advice

Originally Posted by palmettosweetheart (Post 3053521)
The only thing I would be watching out for is pertussis (whooping cough), but *typically* you know who would be having that and most kids that would have it would not be going to a play group.

And FWIW that is one of the most least affective vaxes.:goodvibes:

I stopped after two monthes and e was EBF and nursed for 2 and ahalf years the worst he got was the roto and we both got that the same time within hours of each other and that sucked but we are alive and fine.
I don't do anything any other mom would do we wash hands before we eat, wipe down the carts and purel after and he knows not to do the whole hands to face thing now that he is almost three.
Stopping vaxes was the second best parenting choice I made next to not circing, I feel soooo much better knowing that they are safe from the vaxes and the viruses don't scare me at all:goodvibes:

JustAugust 03-16-2008 08:02 PM

Re: Non-vaxing Mommies- Need your advice
We are constantly in crowds. We live at the mall basically, lol, we go to church, play groups, playgrounds, etc. He may catch things and that's okay. Technically, it's to be expected if you don't vax. You want them to get them when they are little vs. when they are adults. kwim?

ScorpioGrrl75 03-16-2008 10:08 PM

Re: Non-vaxing Mommies- Need your advice
DS isn't vaxed at all, DD hasn't had any vaxes since she turned 1. We basically go about our business as anyone else would. They might get sick, but I'm not so concerned about VPDs...

Mommy2JJ 03-16-2008 10:29 PM

Re: Non-vaxing Mommies- Need your advice
I don't worry at all....I want my boys to catch some things to get that natural life long immunity.

desertblossom79 03-16-2008 10:30 PM

Re: Non-vaxing Mommies- Need your advice
I have one never vaxed and the rest partially vaxed and we don't plan on getting any more vaxes ever. I don't take any special precautions I wouldn't take even if they were vaxed. I keep the kids clean and teach them about good hygiene but I don't keep everything "germ-free". I'm a big believer in "too clean" can be just as bad as "not clean enough". How can their immune systems learn to cope if everything is sanitized before they come into contact with it? Yes, there are instances where it is necessary to keep things extra clean but some of the sickly-est kids I know are the ones whose mamas chase them around with a bottle of hand sanitizer and won't let them play with the other kids for fear of germs. (Don't flame me, I carry a bottle of hand sanitizer around in my purse too, but you know the kind of mamas I'm talking about :goodvibes: )We also try to eat healthy and do things like try to get extra vitamin C during cold season. My kids are sick far less than most kids we know and when they do get sick, it's usually much milder and shorter than everyone else we know whose been sick, when it's "going around" . But these are things we did even when my kids were getting vaxes. We haven't changed anything except the fact that we no longer vax and my youngest (soon to be two youngest) have never been vaxed for anything.

Just FYI though, my older kids don't go to public school, aren't involved in lots of things (so they aren't around big groups a lot) but my completely unvaxed dd got pneumonia and she was 5 months old. The ped tried to convince me she needed the pneumonia vax and RSV vax but I declined. She could have gotten pneumonia whether she was vaxed or not. Pneumonia can be caused by any number of things not just the viruses covered by those two vaxes. But you know what? That's the only time she's ever been sick...ever. She hasn't had so much as a cold or an ear infection or anything since then and she's now almost 2yo. :thumbsup:

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