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Mommy2JJ 03-18-2008 10:36 AM

Regent Installation Question...Carseat techs help!
Okay carseat techies.....We have a van right now and our Regent fits perfect in it. Well we are going to get rid of our van and I am going to be driving our 97 Honda Accord for awhile. I want to put my almost 5 month old in our Blvd. and my almost 3 year old in the Regent. My dh went to install it and said that the seatbelt is not long enough to install it the "long" route, which for my sons weight it needs to be. He said it would fit in the middle seat, but then I don't think we could fit the Blvd. We will also have a top tether put in it before I start driving it.

Also wondered if it mattered if the LO was behind me or behind the passenger. I was thinking he might have to go passenger, since I will have to push the front seat up a little bit to fit him rearfacing. Does that make sense, is it okay??

Thanks Mamas!!

brooklynn 03-18-2008 02:40 PM

Re: Regent Installation Question...Carseat techs help!
For the simple question, lol... yes, it's fine to put the Blvd. behind the passenger and the Regent behind you. In an Accord, that's probably the best set up. That would allow you to easily access to baby in the RF position.

Based on your description, I'm going to assume your 3-year old is less than 40 pounds and you don't have LATCH in the car? What year is the car? Do you know the DOM of the Regent? And lastly, are you using the Recline Bar on the Regent? Knowing these things will help me answer your questions.

OR... you could take it to a tech and they can mess with it hands on (which I would recommend regardless). :thumbsup:

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