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rylan'smomma 03-18-2008 02:30 PM

Help with my 22 month old - bottles, sleep, etc
DS is 22 months. We were doing great trying to get rid of his bottle. He would have one in the morning and one at bedtime. He would sleep all night without waking.

He got sick 2 weeks ago with a bad tummy bug. He couldn't eat for 4-5 days and would just take sips of fluid. I managed to keep him hydrated enough without having to take him to emerg for an IV, phew.

Every since he started feeling better, over a week ago now, he has eaten like a horse! He would eat and eat and eat. He had to make up for those lost calories some how. BUT....he regressed and wanted more bottles :banghead: He wouldn't take his nap without one and he would wake in the night for it :banghead: :blush: I tried everything to get him to go back to sleep without a bottle but he just wouldn't. His tummy was growling. He would have a temper tantrum and throw his teddies out of the crib, cry, repeat. I have tried telling him repeatedly throughout the day that "no bottles of milk during the night tonight, you have to wait until morning time for more milk" etc. It isn't working. Last night I tried giving him a cup of milk and he would have nothing to do with that.

I managed to get him down without a bottle for his nap today but I am hesitant about bedtime. I personally just want to get rid of the bottles but he is hooked. It makes matters worse when I have to go back to work tomorrow and I work 12 hour shifts. Any helpful tips?

jveprek 03-19-2008 12:15 AM

Re: Help with my 22 month old - bottles, sleep, etc
Nope, but if his tummy is growling, he needs food. Kid's grow at night, and their body uses food quickly. What about a cup instead? Or giving him a really good snack... like almond butter and apples or celery... before bed to help tide him over?

tea4two321 03-19-2008 02:52 AM

Re: Help with my 22 month old - bottles, sleep, etc
If he's hungry what about offering some solid food instead of bottles? Perhaps a cheese stick or a few crackers? Are you offering solids right before he goes to bed? Maybe that would help tide him over until breakfast.

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