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JKTexas 03-18-2008 03:21 PM

what is your opinion of these?
I was wondering if these are really allot more breathable than regular cotton nursery bedding.(sheets, bumper, shield) Anyone try these? I understand more about the bumper than the sheet. Is a regular cotton fitted sheet not very breathable? Is the airflow of the breathable sheet really necessary if the baby doesn't sleep on its belly? What is your opinion and experience? Pics would be nice too. Thanks!

avidreader 03-18-2008 11:17 PM

Re: what is your opinion of these?
I only use a breathable bumper and I love it! It really gave me added peace of mind when he was super tiny and I would find him stuffed up against the side of the crib and I knew he was breathing o.k. I know others say they aren't needed and that the risk of a baby suffocating in a bumper is low- but for us, it has been great. I don't know anything about the sheets but from the sound of it , it seems like they would be more breathable than a regular cotton sheet as they seem to have more air holes? This is one of those things that i wouldn't buy unless I could feel it and put my face up to it and test it out- because 20 bucks for a sheet is mucho dinero!
Here's a pic of the front part of the breathable bumper. I sewed on my own matching ties to incorporate it with the crib skirt. I was finishing the back part of the bumper when this was taken and haven't taken an updated one yet. I HTH!

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