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connorsmama 03-19-2008 07:07 AM

What could this be? may be tmi...
Ok, We will start like this...

for the past week or so, my son has had a cough and runny nose. He doesnt have a fever and has been eating great, so i really havent thought much of it.
Last night, he was at my in-laws while i was working, and my MIL said he threw up out of nowhere, and projectile vomited all over their bed while they were laying with him watching tv.
again, i didnt think much of it because my son has a really bad gag reflex, and when he gags on something (mucus, food, whatever) He literally emties his stomach, the kid has never been able to just throw up a little.
Then i brought him home, and put him in bed. I turned the moniter on because the dryer was going and i wouldnt hear him otherwise. so I was sitting on ds, and all of the sudden i heard him choking, so i ran in there , and he had thrown up all over the place. and he was choking on his vomit. So i took him out and got him all cleaned up and tore his bedding out, and replaced it. I gave him a bath, because he was all gross, and i wanted to keep him up for a while to monitor him. Then he went to bed, no problem.
All this time... he has no fever. I am worried a little, i am going to call the dr when it opens up to get an opinion on whether he should be seen or not.
and here is the worst part.
He woke me up this morning at 6am, crying..go in there.. the kid is covered with poo. His bedding, his clothes... everything. and it stinks like a fishy smell.. very watery diahrrea. NASTIEST I had ever experienced. and it was like he emptied his whole system out. so I threw him in the bath again, ripped his covers and bedding out... threw it all in the washer (two cycleS!:yuck: ) I was really tempted to throw his diaper out, but i didnt... all i have to say is thank god it wasnt a goodmama!
and now he seems perfectly fine. no fever... up any playing and laughing. So i dont know what this could be. I tried looking it up, but nothing seems to have the symtoms of Cough, runny nose, diahrrea and vomit. I cant figure it out. maybe the flu?

nothingtosee 03-19-2008 07:19 AM

Re: What could this be? may be tmi...
Check for food allergies...I was told a dead fish smell is a soy issue.
For both of your sakes, I hope it's resolved soon!

connorsmama 03-19-2008 07:24 AM

Re: What could this be? may be tmi...
I have never given him milk, and he has only had formula, the same formula... I can ask my MIL if she fed him anything funky at all.

BlsdMama 03-19-2008 07:48 AM

Re: What could this be? may be tmi...
Hmm.. I'd have thought of food allergies too. By chance the formula couldn't have gotten contaminated?

He most likely is emptying his system. It's a natural protective defense. He's just over a year right? So snacks?

It really does sound like a digestive reaction. The runny nose, snuffle, etc., can be indicative of an allergy or a bug. It could be just coincidental that he has both at the same time.

sandrc 03-19-2008 08:36 AM

Re: What could this be? may be tmi...
the mucous could be running down his throat and making his tummy upset or making him gag which would make him vomit. when my daughter has alot of mucous go to her stomache she does get nasty runny smelly poop too.

connorsmama 03-19-2008 10:18 AM

Re: What could this be? may be tmi...
I am definately going to ask my MIL today what she fed him yesterday. When I had him in the morning before work I fed him, formula, a apple, an oatmeal rasin granola bar, and for lunch he ate a turkey/cheese sandwich. nothing out of the ordinary. so... it may have been something she fed him.

shana0923 03-19-2008 11:02 AM

Re: What could this be? may be tmi...
Could also be flu or rotavirus. My son did the same things with both of them and never ran a fever. They did the test and it came up flu and the rotavirus they just diagnosed which the main symptom is watery diarreah(sp) then vomiting. I would call the pedi just to make sure. Other than that all you could really do is pedialyte and formula. They told me to continue to give the formula unless he wouldn't take it but he took it the whole time with no problem.

connorsmama 03-19-2008 11:04 AM

Re: What could this be? may be tmi...
yeah i called the ped, and they said its either a stomach bug or food poisoning. so i have to keep him on pedialyte and stuff. Off to the store i go when he wakes up to get pedialyte and jello.

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