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medina3 03-21-2008 02:32 PM

My poor baby
He is so unhappy and tired. He has the flu and can't stop puking or pooping and has the chills. He won't sleep for more than a few minutes at a time. I just feel so bad for him.. :cry:

hobbsandbean 03-21-2008 02:34 PM

Re: My poor baby
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

It's so hard when they are sick! When Cal was a year old he had roseola, but we didn't know what it was at first - 105.5 fever for 4 days, wouldn't eat, throwing up, was awful.

Hang in there! They pop back so fast once they beat the virus. Oh, and if your babe is usually active, enjoy the cuddling...that's the one benefit for me when they are sick. :goodvibes:

christy005 03-21-2008 02:41 PM

Re: My poor baby
I hope he feels better soon. poor little guy!:hugs:

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