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babygirls2 09-04-2006 03:37 AM

Baby fever...I wish he'd get it!!!!!!
We had our DD #2 seven months ago and I am DIEING to have another baby! I had an IUD put in 3 months after I had Maddy (DD #2) and I asked my hubby if he would like to have another baby today. Well it was a point blank NO. :cry: I was hurt, angry, sad...all mixed together. I know it's only been 7 months and I am BFing Maddy....but I still have this deep desire to have another, KWIM? Am I crazy??? I mean am I pushing my luck to have 3 c-sections? I am straddling the fence a bit b/c of the unknown of having 3 kids. My oldest DD is 2.5 and then Maddy is our youngest. We TTC for 3 years before Emily (DD #1) and then 2 months with Maddy. I am just afraid it would take a while. I asked him if I could get the IUD out and then just not prevent and he said "sure you can get it out"...(toying with my emotions) "You just won't get any"...:slapped: What is a mama to do???? I still have the fever and I really don't think I can convince him. :crying: When I asked him what his reasons were he said "because", when I asked "because why"....then he said "b/c he said so"....what am I? A child???? I mean really? That is a response I would give my 2 yr old!!! :doh: I guess this post is more of a vent than anything...I just wonder if there is anyone else going through this?
*sigh* *cry*....I dunno...maybe he's right....I still want another baby though. :waiting:

keegans_mommy 09-04-2006 07:12 AM

Re: Baby fever...I wish he'd get it!!!!!!
I am in the exact same boat with my DH. We had a HUGE discussion about why HE didn't want another one and I felt it's HIS decision because I want one and cannot do it without him and all he has to say is NO. So I am at the mercy of his decision and it doesn't matter what I say and my decision bares no weight. Seem familiar? I wonder though, is it fair to either party? Probably not. I don't feel it's right for him to make the final decision and he doesn't feel it's fair to have another.

He just simply does not want me to go through another PG (even though I am MORE than willing!) or labor, which I am also willing! The last thing he doesn't want to go through is the baby days in which they go quickly enough so what is it that he REALLY is trying to avoid? Ahhhhhhh! Sorry, venting about my own struggles with having another and being denied.

I can sypathize with you mama :hugs:

Blackbirdlane 09-04-2006 09:02 AM

Re: Baby fever...I wish he'd get it!!!!!!
I totally understand!!!! I am preggo with #3 right now, but would like to have a 4th and dh says absolutly NO WAY. I ask why and he gives me the typical money, time, space answer :cry: :headscratch: what is one more??? I don't think I will be able to change his mind about a 4th.

on a better note though, my dh was only wanting 2 kids adn I was able to talk him into a third. your youngest is still young, give it some time adn he may come around. :hugs:

flutist 09-05-2006 06:02 PM

Re: Baby fever...I wish he'd get it!!!!!!
I had the same thing with my DH give him time he'll come around. Men don't see it the way we do, when we say we want another baby all they see is $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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