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cowmommy 04-02-2008 02:34 PM

NEW ADDITION to the forum rules! Please re-read.
We have added another section to the Forum Rules

Price Gouging

DS is a community that prides itself on being helpful and fair to mamas that are trying to do what they feel is best for their children by cloth-diapering. Price Gouging goes against everything that DiaperSwappers stands for, therefore it is in any form unacceptable. Anyone selling an item for more than what they would have paid for it retail + shipping on DS will receive a warning. From that point on the 3 strike rule picks up and we will start handing out strikes for price gouging.

example: You bought diaper B for $20 and pd $3 shipping, you could sell that diaper on FSOT for no more than $23 plus what it would cost you to ship the diaper to the mama purchasing it.

24 hours after this message our Mods will start deleting threads that are price gouging, to give people a chance to either edit the price or mark the post for deletion. Any threads started after this announcement will fall under this rule and you will be warned. The rest must be edited within 24 hours or they will be trashed(no warnings will be given for threads started before this announcement)

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