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cowmommy 04-03-2008 10:29 AM

Removal of a Rule and a Request to our wonderful members
The Mod/Admin team of DS has decided to recant the "price gouging" rule. We made a mistake in not thinking out all the possibilities before making this rule a reality. We are human and we do make mistakes. If you received a warning or strike for anything said during this time please pm me and I will remove that for you.
At this point we are going to simply respectfully ask that everyone on DS please practice good FSOT ettiquette, the same as the don't bump every 2 seconds "ettiquette". If someone sells you a diaper for $20 please don't turn around and sell it on DS for $75. We are not telling you that you can not sell it for that, just asking that you please don't do it on DS.
So instead of this being a rule it is going to just go in as a respectful request to practice good FSOT ettiquette on DS. Thank you to all the mamas who were understanding and respectful in this situation. :hugs:

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