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orangemnms 09-06-2006 08:48 AM

OCD and kids
We just finally made the connection yesterday with the help of DS's teacher that DS (age 5) has OCD tendancies. It should have been fairly obvious to us because DH has been diasnosed as borderline OCD, but its just never come up in a way that made it so obvious to us. We always just thought that was part of his personality. Now that its been pointed out to me, and proven by several things DS's teacher showed me yesterday, I need to know how to move forward.

Background: DS was evaluated at just before three because he was still nonverbal. We ran the ENTIRE gammut of tests, everything from audiology to autism and everything inbetween. He was simply diagnosed with a "global speech delay" and "generalized social anxiety." Which IMO are really vauge dx. We put him in a special ed class where he caught up wonderfully, and then mainstreamed him at the right time. He is extremely smart, reading unassisted, spelling words by sounding then out phonetically, adding and subtracting, etc. However, his social skills are still severely lacking. He does not interact with any of the kids in his 8 pupil class, spaces out during circle time, is extremely possesive with toys, etc.

I'm glad to finally have a name for some of these behaviours that DS is exhibiting (and has been most of his life.) I am wary of using the (IMO inadequate) school system to DX him again as I feel they will do the bare minimum to get by in helping him, and each step will be a huge fight. We have decided to pursue treatment privately. Now, how do I find a Doctor/therapist/treatment, etc for him? I dont know where to start looking or even what I am looking for! Child Psychologist? Behavioral modification?

Anyone been through this? I would love to hear from you. :goodvibes:

scwendy 09-06-2006 11:40 AM

Re: OCD and kids
What are the OCD tendencies that the teacher pointed out?

If you pursue tx privately, you want a child psychologist preferrably by reference from a pediatrician or some other professional who you really, really trust. I cannot emphasize this enough. And be specific about a PSYCHOLOGIST rather than a PSYCHIATRIST. One is a PhD and one is an MD (Unless you luck up and find one with both). Not always, but usually, a psychologist is much more trained in behavior modification and psychological development and a psychiatrist uses more of a medical model, hence their ability to rx meds. In the event that you ever needed medical intervention (ex meds), I still encourage you to work with a psychologist and an MD in tandem.

I know that dx like global speech delays and generalized social anxiety can be very vague and scary. Rest assured that with tx speech delays are turned COMPLETELY around in the vast majority of children. And in regards to generalized social anxiety, we see a similar picture with children and adults provided they are tx properly, most respond very well. IF that is a correct dx, it is one that as he gets older, he will become better equipped at managing. And well-managed he may not be the biggest social butterfly, but he most likely won't be the biggest wall flower either.

By seeking intervention and being open and involved, you are giving him invaluable advantages. Make sure to stay educated yourself so that you can be critical (in a good way) of your healthcare.

Good luck, mama.

sheandaru 09-06-2006 01:11 PM

Re: OCD and kids
My ds2 was in an early intervention program in our state. California may have one like it here:

HTH. :goodvibes:

scwendy 09-06-2006 01:44 PM

Re: OCD and kids

Originally Posted by sheandaru
My ds2 was in an early intervention program in our state. California may have one like it here:

HTH. :goodvibes:

Great reference, especially if one cannot afford to pay out of pocket.

Here in SC, we have Babynet, which serves children that age. Often times the therapists go to the child's home :thumbsup:

orangemnms 09-06-2006 02:12 PM

Re: OCD and kids
Thanks Wendy for all the valuable info. Im cutting and pasting here, but some of the things he does are:

Adam has always had these little quirks. Like I said I just thought they were part of who he was, but now thats its been pointed out to me, every single "quirk" is a complusive behaviour! He does things like: draws the same thing in his journal every day. At the art table, always chooses the same color paper (blue) and makes the SAME project. On the playground, uses the same blue block to pretend "camera," but always plays by himself. At library time, he choose the same book (blue cover) every day. At home, his toys have to be in a specific order. If you move them, he will put them right back ASAP. He will notice even if he didnt actually SEE you move them. He takes the same two toys to bed with him every night unless I force a different choice. He has listened to the same CD for bed every night for at least 3 years. He will not let you leave the house (not even to go out front to put the garbage out, etc) without giving you a kiss. If you dont, he loses his mind, and requires quite some time to "recover" from it. He is extremely possesive of toys (I assume because it disrupts his sense of order.)

Unfortunately, hes aged out of early intervention. Thats how we orginally got the speech and social dx. We had therapists coming to the home twice a week, he went to a special ed class for 8 mos, then we were told he no longer needed services (and at the time I agreed!) I feel good about going privately for now, and if we end up needing the school system again, its nice to know its there.


ETA: I have made an appt with our very trusted and always willing to work with us Ped for tomorrow night. I am hopeful he will be able to provide some references/referrals to someone he thinks would be a good match for our family.

scwendy 09-06-2006 04:48 PM

Re: OCD and kids
I forgot that the early interventions at home generally end @36 months.

The behaviors certainly seem consistent with OCD traits, which would not be too surprising since your DH has tendencies (heritability factor).

I am so glad you have someone you can really trust! You're being proactive and advocating for your child and the importance really cannot be overstated.

Even with the symptomology you have mentioned I think his prognosis is EXCELLENT with your love and support and proper intervention.

Please keep us up to date on how Adam is doing.

tessa1002 09-06-2006 04:56 PM

Re: OCD and kids
I was wondering when these showed up with him? DH has a pretty moderate OCD/anxiety problem that he takes meds for and gets SSI for. He's bad now, but when he was a kid it was 10x worse. I'm worried that DS will inherit it. He's only 11 months now, when do you think I should start looking for it?

orangemnms 09-06-2006 05:07 PM

Re: OCD and kids
I really dont know. The more I think about it, he was doing things compulsively from about 12-15 mos. Lining up his toys in a specific order, only wanting a certain color cup, using ONLY the kitchen garbage even though we have one in nearly every room. Sitting at a different seat at the dinner table was real trauma! We literally had him tested for everything we could think of, this one just never came up. I am more than a little relieved that we now have a name to go with the behaviours though.

Hugs to you momma :hugs: keep your eyes opena dn try to be objective.

beepsmnms 09-06-2006 05:10 PM

Re: OCD and kids
My son and I both have OCD, my son sees a Psycologist, Psychiatrist and a Pediatric Neurologist. My ds also has Tourette Syndrome thats another reason we see the neurologist. Definitely a psycologist and/or therapist, but I'd ask his pediatrician if he needs to be seen by a pediatric neurologist. These are physical/biological disorders, not just "mental health" issues, although they are called that as well. I prefer a neurologist because he looks more at the physical aspect of it and not so much the emotional aspect of it, thats what the therapist or psycologist is for. My ds neuro is in control of his meds he takes too although IMO i wish he'd never been put on any meds, hes 14 and been on meds since age 5. There are natural things you can take to help, off the top of my head I can't think of any :)) I'm not help there but google, natural remedies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, flaxseed oil (sp) keeps popping into my head. I'd much rather have had my son on some natural remedies all these years as opposed to the meds he's on. Some he can never be off of. Also, you can have OCD tendancies and not actually have OCD, I know it sounds funny but it can happen and at that young of an age I'd be almost resistent to let them dx him with it and give him a bunch of meds until it was looked into further. KWIM? i just know how i regret letting them start my son on meds so young :(. Find you a support group too, other people/parents with ocd or with children who have it. I'm available if you ever have any questions ;). Just PM me.
:hugs: to you and yours mama!


ps: I should clarify, the reason I'd be hesitent to medicate is because MOST of the medicines they give for it they don't know the long term effect of them when used in children... please try natural remedies first and ROUTINE. Routine is vital with OCD and makes life smoother in general.

orangemnms 09-06-2006 05:10 PM

Re: OCD and kids
Wendy- Thank you for your wonderful support. Your last post literally had me in tears. It is SO important to hear that you are doing right by your child and, well, I havent heard it nearly enough recently. :cry:

You have made a difference and I thought you should know. :hugs:

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