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Jane456 04-14-2008 06:03 PM

Does he need milk now that I'm pregnant?
DS is 19 months, has always been a big healthy baby, and is still nursing happily. So I decided not to introduce cows milk at a year. I'm now 3 months pregnant and am noticing my supply is starting to drop. He still nurses pretty regularly, but I only hear him gulp two or three times each feeding, and his feedings are getting shorter and shorter. I'm wondering if I should be introducing cows milk (or other? I'm not yet certain I want to give him cows milk...) to make up for any shortfall in his diet? He eats like a typical toddler - some days great, some days barely at all. But he's at the top of the growth charts and doing fine developmentally, so no worries there. Anyone else gone through this and have advice?

pbjmama 04-14-2008 06:09 PM

Re: Does he need milk now that I'm pregnant?
The only thing that might not be met is his need for vitamin D. Based on your picture I'm assuming your DS is white and I would guess you live in the US. If that is true there is no need for milk or vit D supplement as he will get all he needs from sun exposure.

fuzzycakes 04-14-2008 08:56 PM

Re: Does he need milk now that I'm pregnant?
I know many toddlers don't care for milk at all, and won't drink it. You could always suppliment with calcium rich foods- dairy:cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, brocolli, spinach, etc...

sunlight for Vit. D.

if you have no issue continuing to bf, there's no reason to stop, but if you want a little break before the next babe is here, that's ok too.

I nursed my ds for the first 1.5 months I was pg w/ #2, until he was 13 months, but we'd been dabbling in cows milk anyway. I just got too exhausted being pg and nursing at the same time. He was nursing less and less anyway, so it was pretty painless for both of us.

aept 04-15-2008 03:24 PM

Re: Does he need milk now that I'm pregnant?
I asked our pediatrician about this (earlier on in my pregnancy - probably at ds's 15 month appt?)
He said to watch his diaper output and as long as he has 5 wet diapers in a day he was getting enough liquid/milk. We did end up introducing cow's milk, probably around the beginning of the second trimester. At that point, he would maybe end up having about 8 oz. of cow's milk per day - the rest must have been made up for with my milk.

Now that he is weaned from bf'ing (and even before he fully weaned but was down to nursing only once per day for a few minutes) - he consumes about 16 oz. of cow's milk each day, and also some water - maybe 4-8 oz? We don't do juice.

He is 30 lbs. and 36 inches tall, and a supersoaker!

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