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momx2 09-08-2006 10:06 PM

Diaper liner?
help please!!!

I'm brand new to cd'ing ... and I've bought a whole bunch of 2nd hand dipes in hopes of getting me started without breaking my bank! lol of the questions I have is ... When you use pocket diapers ... I know I can stuff them with extra inserts to make them more absorbable. ... but .. here's my question. Am I supposed to put either a disposable or cloth liner on the INSIDE of the pocket diaper (where my dd's butt is gonna rest) too so that it catches the dootz? Or am I just supposed to diaper her without a liner and just stuff the diaper with extra inserts for wetness? I'm confused.

And if I am supposed to put in a liner on the inside of the diaper .. is it better to go with cloth or disposable? ... if cloth what kind? if disposable what kind?

What do you recommend?


mamagina 09-09-2006 08:12 PM

Re: Diaper liner?
Hi and welcome to the world of CD'ing!

With pocket diapers, you have to put something in the pocket for them to absorb. (read work as a diaper) it can be cotton, hemp, microfiber..

Liners are optional. They are generaly fleece or fleece topped something that you place on top of the diaper before you put you kid on it - so yes, it catches the poop and is what is touching the baby. It will also keep diaper creams off the diaper to prevent staining, build up, etc - most diaper creams do not mix well with pocket diapes.

I think it's a personal preference for cloth vs the flushable or other disposable ones. I personally like using microfleece. I didn't find the flushable ones to be all that effective at catching the poop for us. But frankly, I dont' use liners much unless I'm using diaper cream (to protect the diaper) or if I know we're having excessive poop issues. It's just an extra step. I'm more into simplicity :o

momx2 09-10-2006 07:28 PM

Re: Diaper liner?
OHHH.....dThanks so much!! that really helps!

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