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gsun3 09-10-2006 12:07 AM

How long can you Bf w/out solids ?
just curious - I see some people BF & no solids @7-8months ---

is it okay to just BF with out solids until a certain age ?:headscratch:

*MamaStacy* 09-10-2006 01:14 AM

Re: How long can you Bf w/out solids ?
Kolten had VERY few solids before he was 1 yr. He just didn't like them. I tried homemade baby food, jarred baby food, everything...he just didn't like it. When he was about 10 months, he started eating more "table" foods like green beans, chicken, macaroni, etc. But its ok to exclusively breastfeed for the 1st year. Some pediatricians want you to introduce SOME solids before that so they learn how to chew and swallow larger pieces. Kolten didnt have a problem with that though.

sarasusan 09-10-2006 09:32 AM

Re: How long can you Bf w/out solids ?
My DS is 9 months old and isn't really interested in solids. We're still BFing strong. He takes maybe 3 baby spoonfuls when we have dinner. I figure he'll let us know when he's ready. I know a little boy who is almost 2 who has had very few solids. BM rocks!

stacim 09-10-2006 03:00 PM

Re: How long can you Bf w/out solids ?
My ped told me to start solids at the 6 mo visit, but we didn't. When I told her at the 9 mo check that he still wasn't eating solids, she gave me a bit of a hard time. He had slid back on the growth chart a little, but I wasn't really worried about it and he's as strong as a horse. We did introduce some solids (both baby food and a little table food) over the past month and he just turned 10 months yesterday. He is definitely still primarily BF, as he still doesn't eat large quantities of food. He perfectly healthy and happy. :hugegrin:

geckoed 09-10-2006 04:37 PM

Re: How long can you Bf w/out solids ?
Breastmilk is a complete food. If you were using a feeding tube you could use breastmilk instead of those cans of goop for LIFE.

AngelMommy 09-10-2006 07:53 PM

Re: How long can you Bf w/out solids ?
I know someone whose DS was exclusively BF until 14 months. He didn't get teeth until later and wasn't interested in food, and she was perfectly happy with that! I think she is now tandem nursing him (almost 3) and a 4 mo. DD.

asandwick 09-10-2006 08:15 PM

Re: How long can you Bf w/out solids ?
With dd she started solids at about 6 months but not seriously until almost 7 and ds wouldn't even think of it until 9mo and was primarily bf until almost a yr. I am tandem bfd'g now my dd 33mo and ds 18mo and sometimes I think ds would be happy bfd'g exclusively again. lol.

odenata 09-10-2006 08:26 PM

Re: How long can you Bf w/out solids ?
At the very least you can exclusively bf for the first year, and many docs will recommend this for babes that have severe food allergies in their family. My dd started solids around 7 months, but did little more than taste things here and there until 14 or 15 months.

I think has great info on this subject.

mama23boys 09-10-2006 09:49 PM

Re: How long can you Bf w/out solids ?
joe is 8months and we started introducing them when he was just over 6months and he seemed like it was wanting/liking them so we did them REAL slow and then he VOIMTED one day and was a dish rag for the rest of that day, so i stopped them completly for about a month.

i just started trying to reintroduce them a few days ago and he is gagging bad and not wanting them! so we are waiting till hes ready :D

my3punkins2005 09-10-2006 10:03 PM

Re: How long can you Bf w/out solids ?
DS started solids around 7 months when he stated crawling and grabbing for food off the table..he is a picky eatter though only homemade or organic baby food for him(oh he hate's gerber orgainic)I would say let you child guide you to when THEY want to start solids..i did that with all 3 of my boys and they are healthy and happy kids

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