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gamecaco4 09-10-2006 08:08 AM

Homemade detergent and fabric softener
A good friend of mine gave this recipe to me a week or so ago. Shes been using it for years because she has horribly sensitive skin. These are both great for baby detergent, too. She says she pays about $4 a month on detergent and softener for 4 people per month.

One bar of fels naptha grated.
2 cups of washing soda
2 cups of borax.
Mix together and voila! One large Tbls. does one load of wash.

There is some fragrance in the fels naptha however it is miniscule and rinses completely out in the rinse cycle.

One gallon size jug of white vinegar (has to be white) Favorite essential oil (optional)
If you use the essential oil you'll need about two teaspoons. Add directly into vinegar. Shake to mix. Add vinegar mix to Downy ball as you would fabric softener. It will work fine without EO too. There will be no vinegar smell left on clothes don't worry.

I actually have used vinegar as a softener (w/o the EO because I didnt have any on hand) and was surprised that there wasnt a vinegar-y scent.

Maybe this is all wayyyy old, but I had never heard of these recipes before. I plan to use them when I finally run out of the stash I have sitting in my garage or when the baby arrives...whichever comes first.

KnottyLDSMama 09-10-2006 11:55 AM

Re: Homemade detergent and fabric softener
I make my own to only I do it a bit differently.

I grate the Fels Naptha, then melt it. Add 2 cups of washig soda plus any essential oils. Add enough hot water to make 5 gallons (I actually usually cut it in half and make 2 1/2 at a time). When it cools, it makes a gel. I use aprox. 1 cup per load.

~Stephanie~ 09-10-2006 02:01 PM

Re: Homemade detergent and fabric softener
I make mine about the same as Tiffani. I've been using it for over a year now. I love it!

Quiverfillin 09-10-2006 03:58 PM

Re: Homemade detergent and fabric softener
How does this work on dipes?

gamecaco4 09-10-2006 04:00 PM

Re: Homemade detergent and fabric softener
A gel, huh? Is it pourable?

If it is something I can put in a pourable container, Ill just keep one or two of my bigger detergent bottles.

KnottyLDSMama 09-10-2006 04:17 PM

Re: Homemade detergent and fabric softener

Originally Posted by Quiverfillin
How does this work on dipes?

Fels Naptha is a soap and not recommended for diapers. :)

And as for pourability... (Is that even a word? lol) I have it in a huge salsa container, and I find that it is semi-pourable. The gel will kind of break off somewhat, but then other times you get a huge piece of gel that won't break and you end up using too much. (No clue if that made sense to anyone but me). lol

yaka111 09-10-2006 04:31 PM

Re: Homemade detergent and fabric softener
AWESOME! I am going to try it..however, what is Fels Naptha, where would i buy it?

Milkshake Momma 09-15-2006 12:03 AM

Re: Homemade detergent and fabric softener
I'd like to try this too. I make my own wipes and was talking about making fab softener, but had no clue where to start with that! I am also wanting to know where to find this soap Fels Naptha. :goodvibes:

sharebear2u 10-02-2006 09:24 AM

Re: Homemade detergent and fabric softener
Fels Naptha is a bar laundry soap. It has been around a LONG time. My mom remembers her mom using it, etc. It is usually by the laundry pre-treaters in the soap isle. Mine is packaged in a wrapper and has an oldfashioned picture in green and red on it. They sell it at most places that have laundry soap. If you had an oldfashioned mom or grandma, you might remember the bumpy washboards that they would get wet, rub a bar of soap on and then scrub the clothes on in a laundry tub. Well, mine used Felsnaptha for it. :) I have abar but have only used it to pretreat stains. I might have to try one of these recipes!!

Milkshake Momma 10-02-2006 09:58 AM

Re: Homemade detergent and fabric softener
Thanks so much. I think I "recongnize" what you are describing. to make my clothes clean!

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