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presleycaedmon 09-10-2006 09:57 PM

Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM
Just to preface, DD is 5 months old and has had her 2 bottom middle teeth for about 3 weeks now.

At about 4 this morning she started nursing which isn't out of the ordinary but she usually only nurses for a few minutes then falls back asleep. Well, this morning she was twisting and turning and fussing so I could tell something was up. Then, all of a sudden she bit down HARD. She let go after a second and then started nursing again. Then...half a second later...she bit down AGAIN and it was even harder than the first time! THEN, she pulled her head waaaaaaay back pinching my nipple in her teeth before finally letting go!! It hurt so bad I was terrified to let her eat again! :cry:

I got up and took her in the shower with me to distract her from nursing for a while and I assumed that my nipple would start to feel better if I gave it a rest. Well, now it's 19 hours later and my nipple is in so much pain it hurts to have a shirt on. Not only does it hurt REALLY bad where she actually bit, but really that entire breast sort of burns. I had to let her nurse on that side a few times today to release some pressure but I was crying the whole time she nursed because it hurt so bad.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? What do I do?? Thinking about letting her nurse again makes me want to run and hide! HELP!! :cry:

presleycaedmon 09-10-2006 10:45 PM

Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!!
Anyone?! :cry:

tessa1002 09-10-2006 10:55 PM

Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!!
I've never had DS bite down that hard, but he did used to bite when he was that age. I started using a sheild (for multiple reasons) and it did end up helping the biting. It would still pinch when he bit, but didn't hurt nearly as much.

eduprey85 09-10-2006 11:04 PM

Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!!

I'd try the nipple shields!!

DS doesn't have teeth yet but sometimes he gets ahold of the nipple when he is looking around the room while trying to eat and doesn't let doesn't hurt too bad, but knowing that he does that, now I'm freaked out that he'll probably bite me too!!!! Guess I can prepare myself for that now...

presleycaedmon 09-10-2006 11:29 PM

Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!!
I had nipple shields at one point and they totally didn't work for us so that's really not an option. However, I've been doing some research and I think this biting episode might just have uncovered a larger problem...

I've been having some shooting pains in that breast for about a week now and ever since she bit it I've been in constant pain. Well, according to what I've read I think that points to an infection of some sort (probably yeast). I think I'll call my midwife in the a.m. and ask her about it.

Anyone else have any ideas?! LOL

dessismama 09-10-2006 11:39 PM

Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!!
Probably infected. I get mastitus only when bitten. I take apple cider vinegar and honey for it, and it works. I would take probiotics for the yeast!

Hope you feel better soon!!

presleycaedmon 09-11-2006 08:21 AM

Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!!
Ok, so last night was awful!! I kept her on the other breast as long as possible but finally at 4am she was getting frustrated with the lack of milk. So, I prayed for the best and switched her to the "injured" side and practically screamed when she latched on. The feeling of my milk letting down was like flaming hot knifes!

I was pretty panicky because it's not like we have any bottles or formula laying around so I really didn't have a choice about whether or not to nurse her. So, DH grabbed her and we came downstairs to see if feeding her in the chair (a more "structured" nursing position) would help. No such luck. At this point I was crying and hurting and panicked and Presley was awake and wanting to play. So, DH played with her for awhile so I could get my wits about me. Finally I decided to try and nurse her in the football position so that she wouldn't be putting pressure on the bite marks. That actually felt much, much better!

So, this morning I examined my nipple and the two bite marks are a little red and have a little bit of white in them. Puss I'm assuming? I called my midwife and she told me to put peroxide on my nipple and do so until it stops fizzing then to keep neosporin on it at all times. She's also calling her LC (we don't live in the same town) and hopefully I'll be hearing from her soon. We've got an LC in my town but I really, really don't like her and I would perfer to keep her as a last resort.

So what does this sound like to you experience bf'ers? Mastitis? Yeast? Random bite infection?

I'm so frustrated!! :banghead:

Kama 09-11-2006 10:04 AM

Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM
That sounds sooo painful I am so sorry. The oozing could be from infection or from milk blisters I would think. Peroxide sounds like a really scary thing to put on a nipple to me. I would follow the guidelines on kelloymom for healing broken nipple skin, I think hydrogen peroxide is going to dry your nipple out and cause it to crack and be really painful. Watch for signs of infection like red lines and swelling.
Here is an article about biting too

Have you tried cold compress yet?

elizablessed 09-11-2006 12:18 PM

Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM
My first son bit me hard enough that it bleed. I saw an OB/Gyn which was a waste of time. Basically, I was told that I should continue nursing on that side, and the breast may or may not continue to make milk. Well, it hurt for awhile, but the breast healed and continued making milk.

As for the shooting knife pain in breast, that sounds like a yeast infection. DD may have bit you because she has thrush. Sometimes it can be hard to see, far back on tongue, a thin coating instead of thick patch. My son started becoming very difficult to nurse and clamping down (no teeth)on my nipple. Here's what worked for us recently. I swabbed out baby's mouth with baking soda water solution (1tsp. bs in 1 cup water) 3-4 times a day. (Safety ear swabs work great for this.) Once a day, I put acidophilus (probiotic) right on the tongue. Everytime I nursed, I wiped off nipple with vinegar water solution (1 tbsp in 1 cup of water). I took an oral probiotic and cut out as much sugar as possible including carbs like potatoes and bread. I continued this for 2 weeks after the symptoms disappeared. And continued with the probiotics for both of us. The yeast can be very persistant. I also used a new washcloth/towel with every bath for myself. I ironed breast pads to kill the yeast spores which will not die in hot water wash. It is important to treat both momma and baby otherwise you will pass it back in forth.

I hope this helps. I would also recommend Kellysmom site for info about how to treat your nipple. I would not use neosporin. If you have a yeast infection it will only kill beneficial bacteria that will compete with the yeast.
Best wishes from a mom who knows how frustrating this stuff can be!

SugarBunsWool&More 09-11-2006 12:24 PM

Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM
First of all, OW! I've been there, scared to feed your own child because it hurts so bad.
DS bit the crap out of me and drew blood a few months ago. I had to keep nursing on that side (um, yeah, that didn't feel good at all!!!) but with putting breastmilk on it, lanolin and neosporin, it got to feeling a bit better within a week.
DS has been a biter since before his teeth came in so we've been dealing with these issues for a while.
It'll be ok mama! Keep an eye on her when she's nursing and if you notice that she starts to get nippy at the end of feeding, end the nursing session early. Also, keep an eye on her jaw, when she bites, she has to move her tongue out of the way to do it (kwim?) and you can see her doing that if you're paying attention to her while she nurses.

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