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amanda w. 09-12-2006 10:10 AM

Can you get your supply bac?!Please help!
My sister was nusing her new baby for about 3 weeks when she stopped because she thought she was drying up.Well now she is now really wanting to nurse again and wondering if she can get her supply back even though she has completly dried up.Mason is now almost 7 weeks.
Is there anything she can do?

Thanks Mamas any help would be appereciated.

rpg_mommy 09-12-2006 12:15 PM

Re: Can you get your supply bac?!Please help!
Yes yes yes! Relactation is totally possible!

Here's the LLL FAQ on relactation! Good luck to her!

Also, if she can get with a LLL leader and go to LLL meetings, that would be great. She'll get some good support there. Finding a lactation consultant would also be good.

moonphishers 09-12-2006 12:24 PM

Re: Can you get your supply bac?!Please help!
Good for her! I can only imagine what that must be like - but deciding to relactate is the first step - the link the pp gave is great! Also I wanted to add a link to the LLL message board that is exclusively for relatation!!

one thing to remember "they" say the amount of time you have not been breatfeeding is about the amount of time it will take to fully regain your supply... one of those anecdotal gems of info! But do check out the links for great information!
Good luck to her!

Kimmomy2dom 09-12-2006 12:54 PM

Re: Can you get your supply bac?!Please help!
I managed to get a small amount back when I tried to relactate with my son. :)
Here's a link to a kellymom's stuff on relactating, too:

fitwilsons 09-12-2006 07:02 PM

Re: Can you get your supply bac?!Please help!
I'm not an expert, but from personal experience I know it is possible. I had a really bad flu experience when ds was only a month old and with everything coming out both ends for a week bf'ing became impossible. I got to the point of severe dehydration etc. I had to work hard, but I was determined. I was able to get my supply back and successfully breastfeed ds until he was over a year old. I've also heard stories of breastfeeding adopted children by using a supplemental nursing system until the body starts to make milk on it's own! Amazing!!

Glad to hear she is wanting to continue bf'ing - sounds like she has some great support from you too!


lilmama2dsndd 09-12-2006 07:15 PM

Re: Can you get your supply bac?!Please help!
def check out LLL or contact your local leader, they can be a big help. A pump is very helpful too. I cluster pump when I need to up my supply a little (pump for 10 min, rest 10, pump another 10 etc etc for an hour) several times a day for several days in a row.

I also used domperidone to help my supply and it made a BIG difference, i went from pumping 2.5 oz every 3 hours to 6 oz every 3 hours in 5 days. You do have to keep taking it once you start though or your supply goes back down, but if she needs to relactate it could really help her out a lot. I got mine from global drugs without a prescription and it took 10 business days to get to me after I ordered.

Good luck! Try not to stress to much! That really hurts your supply!

amanda w. 09-12-2006 09:36 PM

Re: Can you get your supply bac?!Please help!
Thank You all so much.You mamas are so very supportive!:hugs: I will pass on the info to my sister.:thumbsup:

ETA:that we need a breast feeding smiley,dont ya think!

moonphishers 09-13-2006 12:22 AM

Re: Can you get your supply bac?!Please help!
I know I've seen one on someones signature - ..cant find it in the big smiley list though...

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