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m00ndancer 04-26-2008 01:45 PM

It's been a very long, frustrating journey, but we're finally back online! We were supposed to be back up and running this past Monday, but because of "issues" we had with just getting moved and then "issues" with getting the internet to work in our new home it took longer than we thought. But, we're back now and hopefully things will go smoothly from now least until it's time to head to the hospital! :goodvibes:

To anyone who may be interested in purchasing more soakers...I am in the middle of buying a house and moving. We were originally supposed to have closed on 4-25-08 but it has been pushed back to 4-29-08. We are still in the middle of packing everything and will hopefully begin moving by the middle of next week. I do not know how long will take before we have internet access hooked up after the move, or how long it will take to get my sewing stuff set back up. Hopefully, not long. But, until then, I am not taking any more orders because everything will be packed away.

Thank you to everyone who has ordered so far!! You're all great! :goodvibes:

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