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gamecaco4 09-12-2006 01:19 PM

Pre-paying the deductible?
I am just wondering if anyone else has/had to pre-pay your insurance deductible for your births? DH and I normally go through our options for coverage in November at open enrollment. For the past 3-4 years, the plan we were with was replaced with a "comparable" company so our original coverage became non-existant.

Now, when I started going to my OB (I got a new one for this pregnancy as I hated the OB's in my town and the hospital I had to go to with Corbin) and found out that I have to prepay for the deductible for the delivery. Granted, if we decide to stay with this insurance and its still available, this is good because we wont have to worry about it after the birth, but this just seems odd to me.

Including my co-pay for my OB visits, I have to pay $132 at each visit for 10 visits, which puts me at my last payment being on my 36 week visit. Right now, that isnt bad, but when I start going every other week (then every week), its really going to put us in a crunch.

Ugh! Sorry this got so long. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has had to pre-pay.


Samantha 09-12-2006 01:30 PM

Re: Pre-paying the deductible?

We have a 2K maximum out of pocket limit. So I dont prepay anything. It all depends on if the MW turns in her bill first or if the hospital turns in THEIR bill first of who I will owe $$ to. It would be a mess to try and pay the MW and then her turn her bill in 2nd and end up getting everything 100% paid and then having to refund me my $$.

Could you maybe pay a bit more (like 160?) a month to help ease the burden when you get into your bi-weekly visits?

A'smommy 09-12-2006 03:04 PM

Re: Pre-paying the deductible?
They wanted me to prepay the deductible, but we had already met it by the time the OB started billing us. Our insurance also covers chiropractic as medical care, and I definitely needed the chiro! So the OB had to wait.

Sorry I know billing is the last thing you wanna think about right now.

Namaste 09-12-2006 03:08 PM

Re: Pre-paying the deductible?
Yes, we have to prepay as well. And I had foot surgery on the 31st and I had to pay 1/3 of the copay, which was just under $400 and I owe another $800, payable at the end of this month and end of Oct.

It stinks.

ahisma 09-12-2006 03:12 PM

Re: Pre-paying the deductible?
I had to pre-pay the deductible (mine was $500) when I had DD. It was spread out into monthly visits though, not per visit. Can you calculate it and pay monthly?

Julesmom23girls 09-12-2006 03:28 PM

Re: Pre-paying the deductible?
A lot of OB do this so that they are paid before the child is born, I guess they make you pay ahead of time so that you don't bail on payments once your child is born. I had to prepay my deductable as well. MY Dr office figured my deductible wrong and I ended up paying too much, but they did refund my money once the insurance claims all went through. I didn't think I would ever see that money again, I have never heard of a DR giving a refund, LOL. But they were really good about it because I sent them proof of what I was supposed to pay and what I actually paid. Maybe you can pay a little extra at the begining so that when you get to the point that you are going more frequently your payments will be less, and a little bit more manageable. Or try to determine how much you would have to pay per month, instead of per visit, it will make the payments larger, but fewer of them if that makes sense. It does seem like you are paying a lot, but I don't know where you are, and I know rates vary from areas of the country, as well as your insurance. Good luck

stephdpn 09-12-2006 03:39 PM

Re: Pre-paying the deductible?
I had to prepay everything that my insurance wasn't going to cover - for us that was deductible + 20%...we also have a max (like 1600 or something) so I knew I wasn't going to have to pay more than that total...

One thing I can not say enough good things about is a Pre-tax spending account (PSA) that you can get through your employer...we put A LOT of money into ours (almost $100 a paycheck) and it pays out for any out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance - well baby visits, co-pays, Rx co-pays, eye doctor, dentist, lab work, etc, has helped us so much - we never see the money in DH's check, and we get the pre-tax amount, which is nice...our PSA automatically cuts checks once a month for any Doctor expenses (usually just co-pays, etc for us) because it is the same company as our insurance co, we have to send in a form for anything else. It will even pay out on future money...for example, if in January, DH has only put in $200, but we have a $775 bill, it will cut us the check for the $775. SO, it is sort of like a self-reimbursing credit line, if that makes any sense. It has kept us going lots of times!!

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