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acoffman 04-28-2008 01:49 PM

Raw milk?
we are looking to switch to raw milk, but sadly holding back because of cost. Is there anyone here that has made the switch and can share their experiences? What is the average cost?

secretariat88 04-28-2008 03:27 PM

Re: Raw milk?
We buy raw milk from a local dairy about 15 minutes away. I buy two gallons every week and a half and pay $4 a gallon for fresh cows milk. The cost for me is about $12-$16 a month for just the milk and this month it will cost about $14 in gasoline at the current prices though last month the price was about $11 for gas. If it were not for the gas prices it would be very reasonable and about the same as buying it at the store. But it is still so worth it to me. :) I don't want to feed them dead paustrized food, and I don't want to keep poking holes in their arteries and having their body repair it using fat globules which leads to clogged arteries using homeogenized milk. So raw milk is so much healthier it's worth it to me. :)

acoffman 04-28-2008 04:00 PM

Re: Raw milk?
Thank you for your reply. I have been trying to read what I can about it from Can you recommend other sites as well? Where are you located? Did you just contact a farm, or do you get your milk along with a co-op or group of people? I was in touch with what I think is the closest one to me, and it is herd sharing here. It figures out to be $5 a gallon by the time we are done, and with a family of 7, I was estimating 5 gallons a week. (total cost will be approx. $100) I have cut us back some, and maybe I could more. I am totally convinced of its benefits, and because my husband has been having stomach/digestion discomfort for awhile, I started buying primadopholis which is pretty expensive. I told him that the raw milk would have that healthy bacteria in it, which would save on the cost of the meds.
Every time I buy milk at the store, I feel guilty that we aren't switching yet.

home2learn 04-28-2008 04:26 PM

Re: Raw milk?
I would like to switch as well but here in Cali it's so expensive! We go thru 5 gals a week as well for 6 of us (I don't drink milk because I watch my sugar intake). I would also like to know if there is an easy way to go about getting milk directly from a dairy farmer.
Great thread!

acoffman 04-29-2008 07:47 AM

Re: Raw milk?
For me, the only thing I can come up with online is the one contact I have mentioned, but I am hoping to find someone else who purchases raw milk so maybe there will be someone closer. We have an Amish/Menn. village south of us, so I thought about taking a drive there and visiting the shops and asking around there.
I really have no excuse for not switching, except that I believe my husband and I need to be together on this decision, and that is not true quite yet. I strongly believe that our health and our children's well being/health is more important than a little extra cost, but I need to help dh see this.
It's good to hear from others who have either switched or are interested also.

newtocding 04-29-2008 08:36 AM

Re: Raw milk?
I am wanting to switch, too. I'm wondering what kind of questions to ask the farmer? I found a group of Amish that have milk, but I don't know what to ask them. I'm sure they don't give antibiotics or vax's, but I will ask anyways. Their's is really cheap--$2.50 a gallon! The prob is they live about 30 miles away :(

acoffman 04-29-2008 08:47 AM

Re: Raw milk?
Are you in Ohio? If so, please tell me where this is :hugs: We are in Akron, and because I am new here to Ohio, I am trying to find my way around. I would be willing to go in on transporting etc. with someone if needed. I really want to make the switch, but want to research any options I have in where I purchase.

secretariat88 04-29-2008 09:10 AM

Re: Raw milk?
The other two sites you can read that has some good articles about raw milk is and I think they both have links to the realmilk site too.

I knew of two local dairies, I called them both and asked them if they would be willing to sell milk to me. One wouldn't, the other did. The question I asked was how much were they pasture fed compared to grain fed. Pasture fed as much as possible is healthier. I also asked about antibotics ect. which he only does if one is sick and he holds their milk out seperately. I'm in OKlahoma, and on the realmilk site they had nothing for my area for about 100 miles so I had to just ask around.

Depending on your circumstances if you want to milk a goat everyday we did that when we lived on an acreage of 2 1/2 acres. They can give up to a gallon of milk a day and you won't run into overflow of too much milk so much as you would with having a cow to yourself. Goat's milk is even healthier than cow as it is closest to human milk and more easily digested.

And if anyone is lactose intolerant goat milk will cure the problem over time as it helps the body make it's own digestive ensymes again. My oldest daughter was extremely lactose intolerant, she was 10 months old and my husband had a moment of relapse and forgot and gave her just one bite of gravy and biscuits. She threw up 3 times just from that one bite. We had her on soy formula at the time (I wish I would have known how unhealthy that was but you live and learn...) but then my mom got a goat to feed my little brother when she weaned him when she was 11 months old. So then my ODD was on goat's milk for the next 9 months and it totally cured the lactose intolerance and she has never had a moments trouble since. Then when I had the twins we bought our own goat and my DH milked it twice a day till we got ready to move. In the interim between finding a raw milk source I had the kids drinking Braum's milk but I hated the thought of it being homogenized. :( If it was just paustrized I could have lived with that ok.

Also as a mention for those that have to drive farther you can buy however many gallons you need for the month and leave out half in the refer and freeze the other half. This will save you on gas if it's a ways to drive. I get the milk fresh from that days milking and it has never had a problem tasting great for up to two weeks. Much past that and it will start to sour and then I made some pudding which tasted great.

When you freeze it you will lose up to 30%-40% of it's nutrients as with all frozen items but it is still so much better than paustrized even and much healthier choice. Same with buying frozen fruits and veggies, losing 30%-40% is much better than buying canned goods that has lost over 90% of any benefits you would receive from raw. HTH, I love talking about natural health stuff, lol, so sorry if I write a book! Caitlin Lorraine

pixiepunk 04-29-2008 09:19 AM

Re: Raw milk?
the realmilk website has a great list state by state of places that sell or cow share raw milk. depending on what state you live in and what your laws are regarding raw milk, asking around might be a great way to go or it might do you absolutely no good at all. where i live, raw milk even in cow shares is illegal, so no one wants to talk about it or admit that they get it or have it to give. luckily i leave close to the state line near a state where cow shares *are* legal, so i just make the drive (which i do for other shopping and things anyway). if you live in an area friendly to raw milk, you could try asking at the local health food store. also, asking folks like chiropractors, massage therapists, doulas, midwives, yoga teachers.... anyone who is likely to be interested in natural foods and healthy living, will likely yield some good information. you might also try posting inquiries on your local freecycle and craigslist (again, if you live in a raw milk friendly area).

but i actually *save* money buying raw milk. where i get it, it's $2 per half-gallon, so $4 a gallon (there's a bottle deposit of $2 for each half-gallon, but after the first time you don't really pay it since you're getting a $2 credit for the bottles you return). I refuse to give my family anything but organic milk if i must buy from the grocery store because of the hormones and abx, and was paying $3-$4 for a half-gallon on average. So raw milk is saving me money. but even if it wasn't, i think the extra expense would be worth it. it's so much better for you.

perhaps a compromise if cost is a big concern would be to buy some milk from the store that you would use for cooking and things, and then only use the raw milk for drinking? like, i use raw milk for making yogurt, and pudding but i do have to heat it up first and it largely kills the good bacteria in the raw milk. so organic pasteurized milk in that circumstance wouldn't bother me too much.

also, from a cost perspective, if you use the cream to make your own butter, you might end up saving some money on that end - especially if you're getting cream from like 6 gallons a week. that would make a nice amount of butter.

ustasmom 04-29-2008 09:35 AM

Re: Raw milk?
I live in a cowshare state. We have 9 shares, which gets us 9 gallons per week. I have 8 shares at one farm($4.50 gallon) and 1 share at the other farm($6.00 a gallon). I pick up 5 gallons on Mondays and 4 gallons on Fridays.

I pay $168 a month for milk. I know that it sounds like a lot, but here is my thinking. I calculate that I will get around 40 gallons of milk per month, with a 2 day pick-up. If I bought regular non-organic milk at Costco, it would cost me $135.60.

I pull some heavy cream off and I get a half gallon of heavy cream per week. From this, I get a couple pounds of butter and about a half gallon of buttermilk. Now I don't have to buy 2 packages of butter a month from Costco (saves $14), 2 half-gallons of buttermilk per month (save $5), and 1 quart of heavy cream per month (save $4).

I make my own yogurt and I can easily go through a gallon a week to make yogurt. Organic yogurt usually runs about $6 a quart (save $24).

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