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Shaysbabygirls 09-12-2006 07:59 PM

I've decided to get a new doc
Ok, maybe this should be more of a vent, but I'm just trying to work through things in my own brain! LOL! I'm copy/pasting from somewhere else I wrote this. I'm too nauseated at the moment to rewrite it! (that's gotta be a good sign)

Thanks ladies! :)
Actually, I agree that they should have seen something on the u/s. at 5w1d I had blood work, and I was at 1145. then, 1 1/2 weeks later, that's when i got the emergency u/s. I was measured at being 5w3d on that ultrasounds, which means that my bloodwork was 1145 at 4w1d, instead of 5w1d (which is where it was supposed to be at 5w1d.... does that make sense?)...

Either way, between the 10 days from the blood work to the ultrasound, there should have been higher than 1500, therefore, showing a baby in the sac, along with a heartbeat, but all we got was a sac with a yolk sac, measuring 5w3d (when i should ahve been 6w3d)...

So, I have made my f/u u/s for Monday morning at 7:30am CST. I'm not sure I'm gonna go to it though, because if I can get another doctor to get me in sooner, then I'm going to go with the other doctor. I was considering changing doctors anyway, to someone closer, and then through all of this, I have decided that changing doctors is the best option for me. When I started seeing my doctor with Robynne, she was very compassionate, and I was in there every 2 weeks from the time I found out I was pg until I started going weekly! They all know me, and I was so excited to be going there...

However, when I went in for my first appt, I found out that the nurse that I knew well wasn't there anymore (she never came back from her maternity leave) and there was a new nurse. She seemed nice, but couldn't answer any of my questions. She even figured my EDD wrong by LMP! (5w1d). Then I went back a week 1/2 later and that's when I got to see my doc, had my pap, etc. She said that my uterus felt (after asking) like I was 5-6wks, instead of 6-7. I had to ask her though, she didn't just tell me the info (like she USED to when I was pg with Robynne). Well, then I waited for my rhogam shot, and the nurse (a different one) gave me my paperwork for the ER U/S and to check out at the front desk. So I check out, and the receptionist said "ok, thanks!" and I was like "don't I need to make an appointment" and she looked down and said "nope, no follow up appointment needed" WTF?? if we're loosing this baby, I AT LEAST deserve the common curtasy of having a SIT DOWN discussion with my DOCTOR to discuss what steps to take next. If it's not viable, I want a D&C, I want them to do any and all genetic testing they can do. I want them to test me, DH, the baby, WHATEVER! Also, when am I supposed to discuss my options, since if this is a loss, it's my 3rd?!? They never tested my progesterone (which I've been told can cause red spotting). They haven't done any OTHER testing AT ALL! They haven't wanted to do blood draws for HCG! I mean, how the hell hard is it to put in lab work for me to do blood work? I mean, if it SHOWS the HCG is going down, then guess what! That's MY ANSWER! no waiting forever and a day to figure it out, and I would rather know by lowering HCG than by seeing an empty sac on an u/s....kwim??

Also, I'm upset not only that she didn't want to see me back, BUT that she didnt' even call me to give me the u/s results. The Nurse did! I understand that nurses do a lot of the doctor's calls about lab results, etc, but seriously! She KNOWS how high risk I am, I had questions and the nurse couldn't anser them. I asked her what to look for (as far as a farthur along m/c goes, since my last one was at 5 weeks, and was just like a really heavy and painful period) and she was like "bleeding" and I was like "yea, i'm doing that!" I mean, I KNOW that they probably get spotting questions all the time, but COME ON! I'M HIGH RISK, I'M BLEEDING RED, AND I'M MEASURING A WEEK BEHIND! They're not doing anything to try to comfort me, trying to alleavate my fears, anything at all. Matter of fact, i kinda felt like she was annoyed (my doctor) because I was there for a pg, and wasn't as far as I should be. I mean, when it seemed like everything was ok (when she first walked in the room) everything was cool, but then when she did my exam, and found I was smaller, and bleeding, then i kinda got the impression that it was like "UGH, here we go again!" I LOVE my ob, but seriously, i feel really uncomfortable and stuff there now. If they can't take the time to discuss my options (if it's viable then blah blah blah, if it's not viable then blah blah blah). She could have at LEAST made a follow up appoinment. EVEN after my u/s showed a 5w3d "healthy pregnancy" (in the nurses words) then she STILL didn't make another appointment with me. so if it's not viable, am I gonna have to drag myself into her office and beg to be seen so that I can get a D&C? I don't want to m/c naturally, I want genetic testing, and I want to make sure they "have what they need" in order to do that. With Hope, they coudlnt' even really get a good keryotype because it was SO HARD getting anything to give off results. FINALLY they went back through the autopsy stuff and finally they were able to get an OK keryotype, but as far as any other genetic tests, they couldnt' get any of it done from her at all!

Add that to tthe fact that with all the stupid construction around the Austin area, it takes me FOREVER to get there now. There is a really cool doc office RIGHT next to our local hosptial here in the town I live in. I know exactly where it's at, and it doesnt' take long to get there at all! I am thinking of calling them tomorrow, explaining everything, and trying to get in by the end of the week. I had my u/s a week ago. They should be able to see some growth by now. Even if they don't see a baby or a heartbeat yet, they SHOULD see growth in the sac. If there is no growth in the sac, then we have my answer. If I can get blood work done Wed and then Fri, then we'll know if they're going up at all, if they're not going up, if they're going down, or if they're already abnormally low, or if they're in the right range for where I should be.

Anyway, that is what is going on with me right now. I feel nauseated, so that's a good sign. bleh! ;) I go from having NO red spotting to LOTS of red spotting, back to none at all. I get crampy, then no cramps. I have been getting nauseated all day. I was up 400 tiems to pee last night, but I think I drank a gallon of water after 8pm (i CRAVE water at night, it seems...grrr). My boobs hurt worse today than they have on any other day! I think these are good signs, but I would REALLY like a confirmation of that, ya know? I'm tired of being like "well, IF there's a baby" or completely forgetting I'm pregnant all together. I KNOW tehre are no guarentees on if you see a hb at 6 weeks or so, but it would make me feel so much better right now to know if there's even a CHANGE or growth at all!

Anyway, if you made it this far, thanks for reading! I will keep you all up to date about what is going on, if I get into the new doc, etc!

HUGS! and thanks so much!

AngelMommy 09-12-2006 08:31 PM

Re: I've decided to get a new doc
:hugs: mama, and I hope everything works out for you! Let us know how it goes contacting the other dr. office!!! You definately deserve respect and answers to your questions.

I totally hear you about a change in nurses. This happened at my OB's office as well. I very much miss the nurse that saw me through my pregnancy with Alex! So sad! SHe was wonderful! I"m not so sure about the new nurse. Some days I like her and some I don't. I'm proud of you for looking for a better situation!! Good luck!

daisyprincess98 09-12-2006 08:43 PM

Re: I've decided to get a new doc

Originally Posted by AngelMommy
...You definately deserve respect and answers to your questions...

ITA. High risk pregnancies are draining enough, you shouldn't have to deal with feeling uncomfortable with your OB. Your OB should be the ONE person you can count on for answers! Well, and all of us here at DS :goodvibes:

Good luck mama. Lots of hugs and prayers coming your way.

tessa1002 09-12-2006 08:54 PM

Re: I've decided to get a new doc
I would crave water at night when I was pregnant too.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

EasterBun 09-13-2006 01:09 AM

Re: I've decided to get a new doc
{{{HUGS}}} I can't even imagine how frustrating this is for you :(

I was really happy with the care I got from Dr. Mahaffey in Georgetown during my pregnancy with DD.. his office isn't terribly busy like most Austin area OB's are, and they're really good about getting you in fast for appointments and taking their time with you while you are there. I don't know if you are set on a woman OB or not, but he does share his office with a woman doc (but I only met her once, when she was on call and I had to go to L&D).

If you're going to be moving up here, I'd definately consider going to him :) His office is inside the hospital (upstairs from the ER), and Georgetown hospital was soooooo nice to deliver in - a total difference from when I had DS (in a bigger hospital in Austin). They even have whirlpool tubs in the rooms! I never got to use one, but it was cool that they were there :thumbsup: You also stay in the same room the entire time you are there.. no moving from a delivery room to a postpartum room, you can totally settle in.

Shaysbabygirls 09-13-2006 06:32 AM

Re: I've decided to get a new doc
Sarah! That sounds awesome! I was thinking of Dr. Murphree in Round Rock. Since we're not moving (yet... :banghead: we can't afford to move) we're gonna still be in Round Rock for the next year! :(
His office seems erally nice, they deal with high risk pregnancies, and they have an in office 3D/4D machine (that's NOT the reason I want to go, but since I get monitored every 2-4wks by u/s anyway, due to my blood pressure and the meds I have to take for it, and since this is my last pg if all goes well, I want to see the monkey by 3D/4D u/s! LOL!) I now that Dr. Murphree takes my insurance, but I bet that your doc does too!. :) I'm SOOO over overly busy OB offices! LOL! I mean, when I had to go in for my Emergency U/S, my appt was at 3. I got there at 2:30, DIDN'T even get called back until almost 4pm! I had to sit in that stupid waiting room listening to women gush over their babies moving, blah blah blah! :giggle: I was NOT too happy about that! I realize that it happens, but making me sit there for 1 1/2 hours?!? Come on!
I just want someone who seems to listen and care. I know people are busy, but I am too! and all this stress isn't good for anyone!


keegans_mommy 09-13-2006 06:42 AM

Re: I've decided to get a new doc
I'm with you on needing to know and having the right to know everything about what is going on with YOUR body! It's their job to do this and if they aren't they aren't doing their job and you need to fire them immediately. :)

I am sorry this is going on and have had a 2nd tri-mester missed-miscarriage before and know how insensitive the medical community can be when a mother has lost a baby. My heart goes out to you and I hope for the best results for the situation :hugs:

tillers72 09-13-2006 08:47 AM

Re: I've decided to get a new doc
GL mama :hugs: and keep us posted!

stinkerbell 09-13-2006 09:03 AM

Re: I've decided to get a new doc
:hugs: I am glad you decided to change docs. I hope things go better with this one. :goodvibes: HUGS!!


Kaitlin 07/20/2005

Shaysbabygirls 09-13-2006 09:09 AM

Re: I've decided to get a new doc
LOL! You know what's funny? I called the new place today, and she asked if I ws pg, and I said I was, and she asked how far along, and I said "i think about 7w2d, but I'm not sure" and she said "have you had any bleeding or cramping" and I said 'yes" (because, I HAVE in the past, LOL, not yesterday or today, I don't think.....(for the cramping) ) and she told me I needed to go to the ER ASAP! I could call them back after going to the ER, but that she wanted me to go to the ER!

Well, LOL! I'm not going to the ER. So I just went online, and filled out the appointment request form, and put that i'm 7 weeks with red and brown spotting, no cramping, and that I had an u/s at 6w3d that showed me to be 5w3d and only 1 HCG draw which showed me at 1145, and that was 2 weeks ago. LOL

So now i'm waiting for them to call me back, to set up my appointment. I requested an appointment for tomorrow! LOL! we'll see what they say. I already feel like I got MORE information from the receptionist who encouraged me to go to the ER than I did from my Doc/Nurse! LOL!


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